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The Flintex® Series of high-strength woven polypropylene geotextiles (HSWG) offer impressive bi-directional tensile strengths and are woven in a rip-resistant weave pattern that minimizes damage due to vandalism or mechanical damage.

Flint has also developed its own unique Flintex® woven geotextile fabric for the exclusive purpose of working with sludge, either as reinforcement for a sludge cap or as a geotextile tube for dewatering sludge. This highly specialized geotextile exhibits superb tensile strength, is capable of achieving unusually high seam efficiencies, has an extended UV life span, and is competitively priced.

Developed with innovative reinforced selvages to permit significantly higher sewn seam efficiencies, Flintex® fabrics offer other innovations unique to the industry. With the design engineer and contractor in mind, colored marker yarns are strategically placed parallel to the fabric edge to serve as a reference mark for overlapping adjacent panels. Specially manufactured in a sand color to blend in with its surroundings, Flintex® fabrics offer several times the UV protection of any competitive product.


Developed and used for Soil Reinforcement. The construction of embankments and roadways on soft and saturated soils has historically been an expensive proposition before the development of geosynthetics. The invention of geotextiles, both woven and non-woven, as well as geogrids has enabled engineers to layout structures in the most efficient and economical manner, without having to circumvent or “demuck” areas containing unstable soils. When installing high-strength woven geotextiles (HSWG), strong and efficient sewn seams provide for a stronger overall reinforcement system and often offer a more cost-effective solution.

Flint installation technicians are experienced in installing fabric on both dikes and roadbeds and routinely achieve the industry’s highest installation rates, all while producing the highest seam strengths.

Sludge Lagoon Capping:

Flint has installed these systems in both wet environments (where a fabricated panel is floated across a wet lagoon) and dry environments (where the panel is sewn in place). Quite often we did this while working with such hazards as radiation, PCB’s, asbestos, heavy metals, elemental phosphorous, and ph extremes. Since we often work at DOE and Superfund sites, in addition to other hazardous environments, our field personnel are HAZMAT certified.


High Strength Woven Geotextiles (HSWG) under the product name Flintex®. These fabrics are extremely strong and durable, capable of producing sewn seams up to 33% stronger and having a UV life of 2½ times that of any competitor’s product. Specially manufactured in a sand color to blend in with its surroundings, the Flintex fabric is woven in a rip-resistant weave pattern that minimizes damage due to storms or vandalism.

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