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TitanTube® is a hydraulically filled geotextile fabric tube that is filled in-place on either dry land or in the water at a depth of 15ft. or less

Excellent for Shoreline Protection TitanTubes® are commonly used to create or reinforce existing coastal engineered structures. The aesthetically pleasing sand-colored tubes are hydraulically filled with on-site sand and typically deployed underwater or along shorelines for erosion control or as a core for dune construction. UV life span is several times longer than competitive geotextile tubes and the fabric™s rip-resistant features minimize damage caused by storms and vandalism. Also, since TitanTubes® are considered â soft armored structures, they are generally easier to permit than â hardened armored structures such as riprap or various concrete structures.

Another relatively new and novel use of geotextile tubes is for land or marsh creation. An area is simply encircled with the tubes and then backfilled with dredged spoils to a desired elevation. Since the tubes are considered a soft armor, hardening of the perimeter is often accomplished with riprap, concrete, or marine mattresses.

TitanTubes® are designed to be filled hydraulically with sludge utilizing a dredge. Sludges commonly dewatered using geotextile tubes include municipal, industrial, agricultural, animal, and hazardous. The porosity of the fabric allows excess water to drain from the tube resulting in an effective and relatively inexpensive method of dewatering. Polymers are often injected into the sludge to cause the solids to cling together (coagulate) and, thus, release the water. As the excess water drains from the sludge, retained volume is reduced permitting the tube to be refilled multiple times. Once the tube has been filled to capacity, the material will continue to dewater for a period of time, depending on the consistency of the material, use of polymers, and climatic conditions. Once desired consolidation has occurred, the tube can be slit open and the dewatered material transported to a landfill for disposal.

TitanTube® is the only geotextile tube made of high-strength fabric specifically designed for dewatering sludge and containment of silts.


The superior construction of TitanTube® provides as much as 33% more strength and several times the UV life span than competitive tubes. Additionally, our proprietary seam design permits TitanTube® to have one of the lowest seam failure rates in the industry. With other innovations, such as reinforced fill ports and seamless tube ends, TitanTube® is now recognized as an industry leader. All our products pass a stringent quality assurance process to ensure we provide the customer a well-constructed, efficient, and safe product.

TitanTube® offers the maximum in versatility and ease of use. Depending upon your application, the tubes can be custom-sized to accommodate drying beds or even stacked to optimize your available laydown area.

Advantages of using TitanTubes®:

  • Versatile. Can be used for a variety of municipal and industrial applications.
  • Economical. There’s no need for capital investments.
  • Effective. Significant and inexpensive solids recovery.
  • Safe. Only environmentally safe polymers are used in TitanTubes®.
  • Efficient. Maximum solids recovery while significantly decreasing dewatering time.
  • Comprehensive. TitanTubes® capture even the smallest of solids.
  • High Volume. Capable of dewatering millions of gallons of sludge.
  • Portability. Can be used on multiple sites or used seasonally.
  • Easy. Solids can easily be disposed of in a landfill or land-applied.
  • Selection. Tubes are available in a variety of sizes to fit your individual site requirements.


Available in standard sizes of 15", 30", 45", and 60" circumferences with lengths ranging from 50’ to 300’ or more.

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TitanTubes® is a UltraTech Spill Containment brand product.

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