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Clean and re-mediate with oil-eating microorganisms

These microbes have been used to re-mediate oil on water and in soil successfully since the late 1970s. By adding Ultra-Microbes to an oil spill you are ‘super charging’ mother nature and the natural bio-remediation process. This is a natural, but highly effective means, to turn a disaster such as an oil spill into a short-term cleanup rather than a long-term challenge.

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There are two carriers (carriers are the powder that the microbes are attached to) of the Ultra-Microbes depending on the application. For open water applications, such as applying the Microbes to an oil slick at sea, a corn starch based carrier is used. For land based or close to shore applications, a bentonite clay based carrier is used.

One-half to one ton of Ultra-Microbes (depending on the formulation) will treat one square mile of
ocean or approximately four acres of shoreline. Applying the Microbes to a beach or shoreline just prior to oil coming ashore and then again immediately after it comes ashore will lead to the fastest remediation time. Allowing the oil to bake onto the beach, coagulate into large tar balls and layer on top of itself will simply create a longer time frame for the oil laden site to be cleaned up by the Microbes and will require more applications over that longer time period.

There are a number of applications where this material can be successfully used in the clean-up.


The Ultra-Microbes can be added to 55-gallon drums of sea water and mixed. This mixture can then be sprayed onto the ocean surface to immediately start re-mediating the oil. The microbes digest the oil as a food source and break it down into carbon, CO2 and a lipids that is basically a fatty fish and plant food. The oil becomes non-hazardous. There are two areas where this microbe-mixed water can be applied:

  • a. Spray directly on the open water slick. One ton of microbes will cover approximately 1 square mile of open water. These microbes are designed to eliminate oil slicks. Approximately 2 lbs is added per 55-gallon drum.
  • b. Spray directly onto the beach, rocks, vegetation, shoreline, jetties, etc. In this type of application you will be able to cover approximately 4 acres per ton of microbes.

The key in both of these cases is to simply get the microbes to cover as much area as possible and allow the microbes to spread out and colonize and attack the oil. 12.5 billion microbes (per gram) reproduce quickly and become 5 trillion within hours. Each microbe is digesting and re-mediating the oil sheen as it thrives.

For the best possible results and the fastest cleanup to occur, it is important to spray the microbes into the surf and shoreline prior to the significant part of the oil slick coming ashore to allow the microbes to colonize. Once the oil comes ashore, another dousing of microbes is required to provide the most effective opportunity for bio-remediation success. Those who worry about cleaning the beach later will have to deal with oil that has been baked on to the sand and rocks, coagulated into ‘tar balls’ and the loss of the lighter crudes will start to detract from the maximum effectiveness of the microbes.

Obtain the microbes from us in loose, granular/powder form. As pads of any type, X-Tex or polypropylene, etc. are being used to wipe down animals (non-feathered species), rocks, etc., simply sprinkle the microbes onto the pad prior to use and use the pad to not only remove the oil, but leave the microbes on the animal or rock that has been washed to further re-mediate and remove residual oil that will be left after the wipe down process. This can be very effective for this type of application.


One to two pounds of Microbes (depending on the formulation) are mixed into every 50 gallons of seawater. This diluted mixture is then applied by spraying onto the oil slick, beach, shoreline, etc. The method for mixing and spraying takes some quick training. UltraTech has technicians that can be made available at a daily rate to help get personnel trained to be effective in their handling, mixing and applying of the Microbes to obtain maximum results. Usually 2 days of a
technician being present is all that is needed.

  • They are shipped in 25 lb bags, 40 to a pallet (1000 lbs)— 20 bag minimum
  • We ship from plants in Norwell, MA or Houston, TX. Product ships in 25 pound bags, stacked on pallets.
  • There are approximately 12.5 billion microbes per gram of material.
  • 5235 – Shallow Water. Used where water is over 30’deep. Concentrated – average of 12.5 billion microbes per gram
  • 5210 – Shallow Water. Used where water is under 30’deep. Concentrated – average of 10 billion microbes per gram
  • 5211 – On-Shore, For beach, shoreline and wetland applications. Concentrated – average of 10 billion microbes per gram

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Ultra-Microbes-OIL SPILL STRENGTH is a UltraTech Spill Containment brand product.

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