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Audio/Video Shelf for the Mighty Gig Rig or Gig Safe

1SKB-AV14: Audio/Video Shelf for R1406 & GigSafe $119.59

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The SKB -R1400 Gig Safe is a part of a multiple section rolling rackmount system that will fit in the back of your car. Featuring a 14U+ top rackmount that will accommodate deeper analog and digital mixers, and a cover designed to fit over installed XLR cable connectors (top to rear mounted).

The SKB -R1400 Gig Safe will attach to the SKB19-REX6 Expander case and the SKB -3224 Rotomolded GigDolly to give the same convenience and rack spaces as the SKB19-R1406 Mighty GigRig – only in multiple sections for transporting


  • 14U rack for deeper rackmount mixers
  • greater vertical mixer depth
  • oversized side handles for easier handling
  • accommodates the AV-14 retractable shelf
  • attaches to the SKB19-REX6 Expander case
  • attaches to the SKB19-R3224 GigDolly

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1SKB19-R1400 Gig Safe w/14U Rackmount top is a SKB Cases brand product.

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