50' Berm, 6" 0 X-Tex, 18" Double Flap

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By combining the oil absorption properties of X-Tex with the bioremediation abilities of the Ultra-Microbes you’ve provides an effective 1-2 punch in the oil spill challenge. Use the X-Tex to remove the oil to the extent possible and allow the microbes infused in the X-Tex fabric to immediately begin to digest and remediate the oil to render it non-hazardous. This benefit provided by the microbes not only extends the life of the X-Tex but it eliminates the oil from being a hazardous source. Additionally, the microbes will migrate to the surrounding water, shoreline, rocks and vegetation, feeding on the oil that may be present. The result is an area of bioremediation that extends beyond the absorption location of the X-Tex. This provides the ultimate in oil spill response technology and is not available from any other company than UltraTech.

Microbes occur naturally in the environment and this is why, eventually, after years and perhaps decades, oil spills eventually get cleaned up by mother nature. The naturally occurring microbes in the environment don’t have a preference for digesting oil but they will become remediation agents as it contaminates their environment. The Ultra-Microbes are specially bred on sweet Texas crude oil to give them an affinity for digesting oil. By adding Ultra-Microbes to an oil spill you are ‘super charging’ mother nature and the natural bioremediation process. This is a natural, but highly effective means, to turn a disaster such as an oil spill into a short-term cleanup rather than a long-term challenge


Oil Booms are now available from UltraTech in 50’ lengths with hard cable tops, 5 1/2" polyethylene foam floatation and 7" or 18" skirts. This Boom is made out of X-Tex allowing it to absorb .8 to 1.6 gallons per linear foot. This material can also be infused with microbes to provide continuous remediation within the X-Tex as well as allowing the microbes to disperse to the surrounding water, beaches and shoreline.

80 Gallons of oil absorption

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Ultra- Combination products- X-Tex and Microbes is a UltraTech Spill Containment brand product.

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