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X-TEX - Gray

9310: Rolled Fabric, 60"W x 250'L (1,524 mm x 76 M) $999.00

X-Tex-AC-100 Textile for Oil Spill Containment

Ultra- Combination products- X-Tex and Microbes

50' Berm, 6" 0 X-Tex, 18" Double Flap

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Storm water runoff from impervious surfaces in urban areas contains significant hazardous contaminants, including indicator organisms such as fecal coliform. Such contaminants pose threats to humans directly during recreational uses of surface waters and through seafood consumption, and to aquatic life through chronic and acute exposure to bacteria. Increasing evidence indicates that storm water control systems, catch basins and storm water pipes may be enhancing microbial contamination. These structures act as biological incubators in stagnant or low flow conditions, allowing the microorganisms to flourish exponentially in environments rich in organic and inorganic nutrients. Treating these festering areas with water-soluble antimicrobials or disinfectants is not acceptable, as they would have an adverse effect on aquatic life by contaminating the streams and surface waters they drain into. Also, water-soluble antimicrobials dilute to sub-lethal levels, allowing the development of resistant bacterial populations. Any antimicrobial media used to safely and successfully control bacteria in stagnant or low flow storm water conditions must not leach or dissolve into water or be consumed by the exponential bacteria growth, and must also provide adequate surface area contact.

UltraTech International, Inc. has developed a hybrid filtration fabric merging two patented technologies that meet these criteria for bacterial reduction in storm waters. The X-Tex-AM fabric has an antimicrobial nano-structure covalently bonded to its fibers that will not leach or dilute from the fabric, even with repeated washings. The patented antimicrobial helps stormwater related issues with microorganisms by molecular physical penetration, electrostatic attraction and electrocution. This physical, rather than chemical, mode of action does not lose strength with use and does not promote adaptive organisms (super bugs). The antimicrobial spectrum is specific to single cell organisms such as bacteria, fungi, yeast and algae. The antimicrobial is bonded to the patented oil removal fabric X-Tex, which provides vast lipophilic interstitial spaces with an open fiber design. This design allows the flow of water and bacteria to pass freely in all directions in a unique wicking action.


For a look at the study Ultratech did on this product go to .

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X-Tex-AM3 Surface Bonded Antimicrobial Fabric is a UltraTech Spill Containment brand product.

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