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9310: Rolled Fabric, 60"W x 250'L (1,524 mm x 76 M) $999.00

X-Tex-AM3 Surface Bonded Antimicrobial Fabric

Ultra- Combination products- X-Tex and Microbes

50' Berm, 6" 0 X-Tex, 18" Double Flap

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incorporates a bed of activated carbon embedded between two layers of X-Tex oil adsorbent textile. This synergistic meld augments the capabilities of both products allowing each to perform better than they could independently and providing a rugged textile that can be shaped, cut and contoured to fit any environmental filtration application. The effectiveness of activated carbon in removing both polar and non-polar organics and some inorganic metals is well established. The adsorbent properties are attributed to its large surface area, ionic interactions, hydrogen bonding and surface reactivity. These properties are greatly diminished when the carbon is fouled with oils, sediment or other organic debris. X-Tex lipophillic fabric, when used as a pre-filter layer for activated carbon protects it from the fouling effects of oils and sediments. The carbon bed acts as a diffusing bed for the X-Tex, preventing channeling effects as water filters through the second layer of the X-Tex fabric. Together a synergy is made which increases the performance of each filtration media greater than they would be individually. Environmental applications include storm drain inserts with enhanced ability to remove emulsions as well as polar organics and some metals. Filtration cartridges with a rolled layering of X-Tex-AC multiply the overall effectiveness of environmental water filtration applications and final polishing.


X-Tex-AC® Comparison Testing:

Comparison testing for the removal of mechanical emulsified oil from water was performed using polypropylene storm drain insert filtration fabric, and X-Tex-AC-100 filtration fabric. The first sets of tests were conducted to look at the efficiency of X-Tex-AC-100 to remove mechanical oil emulsion.
A stock of 6,600-mg/l oil (50% motor oil/diesel) and water emulsion was made mechanically by blending and shaking in individual one liter bottles. The oil water emulsion was poured through a 3inch diameter filter housing holding one sheet of the polypropylene insert fabric and one sheet of the X-Tex-AC-100, one additional liter of water was passed through each filter apparatus, the water was captured in a separatory funnel and extracted by method 1664 to determine hexane extractable oil and grease. The Stock emulsion was analyzed for ppm oil by running the water through the empty filter holder accounting for retained oil on the bottle walls and filter housing

These results demonstrate that X-Tex-AC-100 removes more of the mechanical emulsified oil than the polypropylene products (currently the industry standard)

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X-Tex-AC-100 Textile for Oil Spill Containment is a UltraTech Spill Containment brand product.

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