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Spacer, SKID-MATE+Plus

2-020-00509: Skid-Mate+Plus & Spacer (96/Cs) $131.95
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The SKID-MATE is an air dampened cushioning device that provides a fast, cost effective
and durable customized solution to protect sensitive products from shock and vibration. The
SKID-MATE can be easily mounted on a crate or pallet base creating an air-ride cushion in place
of hardwood skid runners eliminating the need for expensive air-ride trucks.

Each color coded SKID-MATE corresponds to a specific load range and allows users to calculate
their requirements simply and easily to avoid potential laboratory testing and use of expensive
packaging materials.

Available in US measurements or metric. If you want Metric please add the letter “M” at the end of the product number


  • SHOCK RESISTANT that can reduce costly field service calls and repairs resulting from shock and vibration damage in transit.
  • They are DURABLE & TOUGH. Under the maximum load, cushions can endure 3000 feet (914 meters) of dragging over concrete and floor joints.
  • Suitable for use in HIGH and LOW TEMPERATURES – between – 40 F and +130F (-40 C to +54 C)
  • Cushions are RECYCLABLE and are made of polyethylene, a chemically inert material. Every cushion is environmentally friendly and reusable.


  • Tan: 20-35 lbs. (9.6-15.9 kgs.) per pad
  • Green: 30-50 lbs. (13.6-22.7 kgs.) per pad
  • Yellow: 45-80 lbs. (20.4-36.3 kgs.) per pad
  • Blue: 70-125 lbs. (31.8-56.7 kgs.) per pad
  • Orange: 125-225 lbs. (56.7-102.0 kgs.) per pad

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Skid-Mates® w/T-NUT is a Pelican Storm & Hardigg Cases brand product.

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