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N95 Disposable Respirator has been discontinued.
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Our product line consists of disposable respirators, fully assembled respirators, replacement cartridges and filters and welding respirators. They provide protection from hot, humid, dusty environments to filtering out hazards such as organic vapors, paint spray, pesticides, and multi-gas vapors. NIOSH’s 42CFR84 standard for particulate respirators provides for filter efficiency and filter degradation. The efficiency levels are 95%, 99% and 99.97%, which correspond to the numerical designation 95, 99 and 100. Selection of filter efficiency depends on how much filter leakage can be accepted. Resistance to filter degradation is labeled N, R and P. N means the filter is not resistant to oil. R means the filter is oil resistant and the P means the filter is oil-proof. Selection of an N, R or P series filter depends on the presence or absence of oil particles. For environments that contain oils, N, R or P is appropriate. If P is appropriate. If the environment contains oils (or you are not sure), then an R or P filter should be used.

Features durable, latex free head straps to withstand tough use. Adjustable metal nose piece helps ensure proper fit. Ideal for dusty environments. Lightweight for comfort and extended wear. Use for protection against non-oil-based solids or liquid particulates.


  • Adjustable metal nose piece, ideal for dusty environments
  • Lightweight for comfort and extended wear

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