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518 UltraCase® with Panel Rings

613 UltraCase® with Panel Rings

716 UltraCase® with Panel Rings

718 UltraCase® with Panel Rings

821 UltraCase® w/Panel Rings

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For electronic interface mounting inside a pelican case.

Panel Frame and Bezel Kits:

Many Pelican cases can be adapted for use with electronic interface panels by using a Panel Frame or Bezel Kit accessory. Mount most interface panels (customer supplied) flush with the rim of the case or desired area in a Pelican or Pelican Storm Case and your technology is ready to go. A polymer o-ring seals the panel so the base of the case remains watertight even when the lid is open.

Pelican™ Peli Quick Mounts – set of 4 for special equipment mounting. Fits all cases #1507:

An alternative to panel frames, Peli Quick Mounts attach to the inside of the case wall using special adhesives. The interface panel can then be mounted on top of the Peli Quick Mounts and secured with screws (for Pelican Protector Case only).


Panel Cases fit:

  • Pelican 1120, 1150, 1200, 1300, 1400, 1430, 1450, 1470, 1490, 1500, 1520, 1550
  • Pelican Storm Case iM2050, iM2075, iM2100, iM2200, iM2300, iM2306, iM2370, iM2400, iM2450, iM2500, iM2600, iM2620, iM2700, iM2720, iM2750, iM2875, iM2950, iM2975


The mounting bracket, fasteners and o-ring are included in the Panel Frame Kit.

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Pelican Panel Frame Kits is a Pelican Classic Cases (Protector Series) brand product.

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