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HUV Universal Harness has been discontinued.
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Universal Harness is our best in the market economy harness. The 5-point HUV has an anti-slip back placard for a more comfortable and longer lasting product. The harness comes with an impact load indicator that identifies a product that has been involved in a fall.

The back D-ring is our “Super Sized” D-ring which is compatible for safe connection to any manufacturer’s ANSI compliant fall protection system. The safety strap in the back of the harness is an added safety feature that keeps the user from potentially falling out of the harness



  • No-loose-ends" shoulder strap design
  • Five points of adjustment
  • Notched pass through chest buckles fasten without twisting
  • Cradle seat
  • Impact indicator
  • Optional side D-rings



  • 01150
  • 01110

Part # Size Description Weight


  • 01101 S – L Pass-Thru 2.50
  • 01105 XL – XXL Pass-Thru 3.00
  • 01110 S – L Pass-Thru w/ side D-rings 3.70
  • 01150 S – L Tongue Buckle Leg Straps 3.15
  • 01155 XL – XXL Tongue Buckle Leg Straps 2.80
  • 01160 S – L Tongue Buckle Leg Straps w/ side D-rings 3.10
  • 01165 XL – XXL Tongue Buckle Leg Straps w/ side D-rings 3.55


  • 01170 M – L Construction Harness 4.20
  • 01175 XL Construction Harness 4.25
  • 01169 S Construction Harness w/ side D-rings 4.85
  • 01171 M – L Construction Harness w/ side D-rings 4.95
  • 01172 XL Construction Harness w/ side D-rings 4.95


  • 21140 S – L HUV Reflective Harness 3.10
  • 21145 S – L Seraph HUV Reflective Harness 3.50
  • 21146 S – L Seraph HUV-TB Reflective Web Harness 3.75
  • 21147 S – L Seraph HUV-TB Reflective Web w/ side D-rings 3.90


  • 00900 M – L HUV Kevlar Harness 6.00
  • 00905 XL HUV Kevlar Harness 6.50
  • 00920 M – L HUV-3 Kevlar Harness

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