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This state-of-the-art unit has a 24 month cartridge and a unique nozzle design that provides a soft “ribbon” of Eyesaline at ambient room temperature. The patented design delivers flushing fluid at constant flow exceeding the recommended 0.4 gpm for the entire 15 minutes, eliminating any decline in pressure found in most other units. The PureFlow has an integrated fluid reservoir to capture its own waste for convenient and safe fluid disposal. The 24 month expiration date is displayed on the pull strap and a “Service Immediately” warning appears when contents have been used

Meets or exceeds ANSI standard Z358.1-1981 for a 15-minute emergency eye wash


Holds two Eyesaline cartridges, each containing 3.8 gallons of Eyesaline¨ solution. Upon activation, the two cartridges are dispensed at a constant flow rate for a full 15-minute flush. The low-maintenance design of the Pure Flow 1000 provides efficiency and quick response in an emergency. Regular flushing or changing of solution is not necessary. Station features a two-year service life. When the unit needs servicing, it takes less than five minutes to change the solution delivery module. A Service Immediately warning appears when the cartridges have been emptied. .


Pure Flow 1000 Station Only English (15-minute):

  • Case Qty: 1ea
  • Case Dimensions: 29″ × 18″ × 31″
  • Case Weight (lbs): 38

Sterile Saline Cartridges (2) for Pure Flow 1000:

  • Case Qty: 1 set of 2 Case
  • Dimensions: 23.5″ × 12.5″ × 11.5″
  • Case Weight (lbs): 70

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