Alternate configurations (4)

Pelican 1600NF Case No Foam

3i-2217-8B Case 8" w/No Wheels

Pelican 1600 Case With Foam

iM2700 Pelican Storm case with Foam

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Storm Cases are designed to transport and protect your valuables even under the most adverse conditions. Storm Cases are more than just watertight, padlockable and made in the USA,



  • Exterior: 24.6 × 19.7 × 8.6 in. (625 × 500 × 218 mm)
  • Interior: 22.0 × 17.0 × 8.0 in. (559 × 432 × 203 mm)
  • Total height shown; includes lid depth of two inches.


  • EMPTY: 11.1 lbs/5.0 kg
  • W/Foam: 14.4 lbs/6.53 kg

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iM2700 Pelican Storm Case - No Foam is a Pelican Storm & Hardigg Cases brand product.

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