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1SKB19-R1406: Mighty Gig Rig w/built-in pedestal (Add to cart to see price)

Accessories (1)

Audio/Video Shelf for the Mighty Gig Rig or Gig Safe

1SKB-AV14: Audio/Video Shelf for R1406 & GigSafe $119.59

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The Mighty Gig Rig® Rolling Rack System features a deep design (14U+) which allows for deeper analog and digital mixers (Yamaha 01V96, Allen & Heath Mix Wizard, Mackie Onyx, etc.). The deep design allows for rack gear to be mounted on the 6U front rack rails and additional rack gear mounted on optional 6U rear rack rails for a total of 12 rack units on the bottom.

The cover is designed to be used as a stand for the GigRig and places the mixer at proper mixing height when it is open and in use or the cover can be removed for a lower workstation making the new Mighty Gig Rig® versatile for audio and AV applications. The cover will fit over installed XLR cable connectors (top or rear mounted).

The Mighty Gig Rig comes with locking casters. An optional wheel set for Marching Band/School applications is also available.

  • 14U Top and 6U Front Rack, Built in-pedestal
  • Accommodates deep mixers
  • Indestructible injection molded side handles
  • Locking twist latches
  • Includes wheel set with locking casters



  • Rack Mount Hardware 1SKB19-AC1: Package of 12 Rack Mount Hardware clips and screws for mounting electronics
  • Audio/Video Shelf for R1406 & GigSafe 1SKB-AV14: The SKB-AV14 Audio Video Shelf features a 16.5″ × 16″ shelf on a hinged anodized steel bracket that attaches to the top two units of the SKB19-R1406 Mighty Gig Rig or the SKB19-R1400 Gig Safe. With a convenient hook and loop surface the hinged SKB-AV14 can remain intact, even with the lid on the SKB-AV14 Shelf Accessory is the perfect solution for securely transporting mobile rack mounted audio video equipment, laptop, light or a workspace at a convenient height.



  • Shipping Weight: 72.0000 lb (32.6587 kg)
  • Product Weight: 55.5000 lb (25.1744 kg)


  • Width: 19.0000 in (48.2600 cm)
  • Height: 29.5000 in (74.9300 cm)
  • Interior Cu. Volume: 8.4334 cu ft (0.2388 cu m)

Rack Data:

  • Rack Space Units Total: 20 (20)
  • Rack Space Units Top: 14
  • Rack Space Units Bottom: 6
  • Rack Depth Rail to Rail: 26.0000 in (66.0400 cm)

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1SKB19-R1406 Mighty Gig Rig w/14U top & 6U Front Rack is a SKB Cases brand product.

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