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TENXIONPAK packaging solutions are made from standard corrugated and polyethylene film. TENXIONPAK ships flat, reducing warehouse space requirements and shipping costs. In most cases TENXIONPAK uses 60% less storage space than standard packaging products. Engineered to protect multiple size and weight items within a single packaging configuration eliminating costly overpackaging. Tested and proven to satisfy the most stringent ISTA drop test requirements, TENXIONPAK provides optimal protection for electronic equipment. Cost-saving and performance driven TENXIONPAK delivers a clear cost savings over other suspension packaging products.

Standard Retention Inserts are used when the product is placed underneath the film.

For T117 (small electronics) use a stock sized box 8″ × 6″ × 3″

For T119 (mid-sized electronics) use a stock sized box 12″ × 9″ × 3″


Very easy to use. We design a plastic sleeve that fits over a corrugated pad. With each end of the pad tucked into the ends of the plastic sleeve you slide your product in between the plastic film and corrugated pad. You then fold the flaps on the pad downward and you create a tight fitting package that has your product suspended in a soft cavity that holds it in place. You then put this into a corrugated box and ship it to arrive at your customer damage free.

TENXIONPAK now available in stock kits for:

  • Laptops
  • Universal Computer Drive Packs
  • Cameras
  • PDA’s
  • Hand held Electronics
  • Optical Drives
  • Motherboard Packs
  • GPS Hand helds

Custom Solutions from electronics to ceramics



  • Made from standard corrugated and Polyethylene Film
  • TENXIONPAK is 100% recyclable and RoHS compliant.
  • 100% curbside recyclable packaging

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TENXIONPAK is a CoTradeCo® Packaging brand product.

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