black box
black custom interior
white compartments
yellow custom interior

Alternate configurations (5)

3 Ring Binders

Recycling Containers ( Custom Printed 1-color )

Rec 1: Recycling Bin 25 bin minimum (per Ea) $50.00

Corrugated Plastic Record storage box

OA-7070A : Box & Lid $26.00

Plastic Corrugated Trays and Partitions (50 cell)

Corrugated Plastic Totes

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Plastic corrugated is the ideal customizable material. Take a look at a few of the projects we have worked on.

Corrugated plastic comes in sheets which are easily cut, sized, drilled, folded, and accessorized with handles, tabs, and just about anything you can think of for your application. Durable and reusable, corrugated plastic can replace disposable products you are using now, provide affordable alternatives to other materials when you need sturdy replacements in bulk (think recycling and trash bins for outdoor events), and offer a more professional product and shipping solution than ordinary cardboard and paperboard.

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