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Where you need additional strength and prevention consider Corrugated Plastic (just like the material that the totes your post office uses). They come in a range of colors, can be printed and have wire reinforcing available. If needed you can laminate foam for additional cushioning and order the boxes in conductive foam for anti-static protection.

RSC’s (Regular Slotted Containers):

  • RSC’s have flaps on both top and bottom (this is the style of a normal cardboard box).

Half Slotted Containers (HSC’s):

  • This container which is commonly used has flaps on the bottom only (visualize a box of copy paper without the lid).

Design Style Trays (DST’s):

  • DST’s have a flat solid bottom and can be made in many style variations.

Tuck Top Style:

  • Has tuck in lid (like a pizza box) and you can add cherry locks that fold back in for security
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