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Bulk shippers are a large corrugated shipper that can have a traditional box design or with one or two covers frequently of the interlocking type.

The distinction between a box and a bulk shipper usually refers to the quantity of contents. The container for a product or a a bunch of small boxes is a box; the container for product “in bulk” or “loose” products is a bulk shipper. For example one style is the “Gaylord” which you see in the produce area of your super market with watermelon in it.

Because of their filled weight, bulk shippers are usually placed on a pallet for easy access with a fork-lift truck. Some carriers encourage the use of a bulk bin to consolidate smaller packages and reduce handling time. However, the customer at destination must be capable of handling the bulk bin.

In the pictures above you see an example where we made a custom shipper, put a plywood base inside it for added strength and used “Skidmates” to keep it off the ground so a forklift can lift it.

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