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Ultra-Drain Markers Kit:

Drain markers help inform and educate the public that most storm drains go directly into waterways untreated. Installs quickly and easily using permanent adhesive – cleaner and more environmentally friendly than paint and stencils. Designed for long life – heavy-duty plastic construction is scratch-resistant and will not rust or corrode.

  • includes 25 markers and adhesive.

Why should you use the Ultra-Drain Marker Kit?

Durability, appearance, convenience, safety. The benefits of permanent marking with the Ultra-Drain Marker are numerous:

  • It makes re-marking unnecessary for years. Many companies locate and re-mark facilities annually with spray paint. Think of the savings in labor and paint.
  • It presents a uniform and neat public appearance (unlike spray paint) thereby eliminating complaints about “graffiti”.
  • It is environmentally friendly unlike spray paint. Spray paint can contribute to non-point source pollution.
  • It helps to prevent damage to equipment by alerting potential excavators to the presence and location of buried equipment.
  • It aids in location for routine maintenance, construction, and emergency access


Our markers are less expensive than brass or ceramic or thermal plastic, won’t crack and crumble (ceramic), won’t bend exposing sharp edges (aluminum), won’t tarnish (brass), and have no scrap value (brass & aluminum). They have brilliant graphics tested for UV resistance and are available in non-reflective or reflective in just about any size, shape, or color imaginable.

Our marking system is easy to use, requiring no special tools like torches (thermal-plastic), tamping machines (pressure sensitive tapes), drills or hardware (aluminum & brass), or special surface preparation (pressure sensitive tapes).

How do you use the Ultra-Drain Marker?

There are a variety of applications. The Ultra-Drain Marker can be applied to virtually any flat, dry non-soil surface using the included adhesive. It can be affixed permanently to curbs (face or top), road shoulders, sidewalks, manhole/valve covers, concrete, metal or wooden poles, inside manholes, the list goes on.

How well do they stick?

They require a hammer and chisel for removal. When fully cured the adhesive forms a permanent bond between the marker and application surface. A hammer and chisel would be required to remove the marker. We have test samples in place with no loss of adhesion after more than 15 years. We also have test samples on roadways, purposely placed in the tire path, that are still in place after more than 8 years.


Helps comply with NPDES, 40 CFR 122.26 (1999) when used as Best Management Practice in Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans.

  • Dimensions: 3 7/8" Dia.
  • The Ultra-Drain Marker Adhesive comes in a 5 ounce squeeze tube.

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Storm Drain Marker Kit is a UltraTech Spill Containment brand product.

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