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Every case manufacturer offers a variety of Pluck Foam sets for their cases. As we grow we will list them all for you but in the meantime please call or e mail us and we’ll quote you on the right one for your case.

“Pick ‘N’ Pluck” Foam:

Layers of foam are pre-scored in tiny cubes offering you basic protection. Pick ’N’™ Pluck Foam is an easy, do-it-yourself system for custom-shaping the interior of the case according to your equipment. Simply measure your equipment, use tape or chalk to mark the foam, and pluck away.

  • Step 1. Lay item on the foam block and outline it with chalk
  • Step 2. Separate 1/2" cubes from block, following your outline.
  • Step 3. Take your finished block of Pic ˜N Pluck foam and place the 1" sheet of foam (included with foam set) in the bottom of your case to protect the underside of your item.
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Pluck Foam for Cases is a CoTradeCo® Foam Shop brand product.

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