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0453-931-111: 0455DD Deep Drawer replacement (for Pelican 0450) $16.71

Alternate configurations (3)

Pelican 0455TT Top Tray

0453-931-112: 0455TT Top tray replacement (for Pelican 0450) $16.64

Pelican 0455DS 1" Shallow Drawer For Pelican 0450

0453-931-110: 0455DS Shallow Drawer replacement (for Pelican 0450) $13.09

Pelican 0455DE 4" Deep Drawer

0453-934-110: 4" Deep Drawer $25.06

Suggestions (1)

Pelican 0450 Solid Foam Sets with Red backing.

Solid0450: Tool Drawer Solid Foam with Red Backing $93.45
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In stock use as an additional or replacement deep drawer for the Pelican 0450 mobile tool chest.

Create virtually unlimited (well, maybe an overstatement) of drawer configurations by mixing and matching the shallow drawers and the deep drawers in the Pelican 0450 tool case.

Adjusting the configuration of drawers is as easy as removing 2 Phillips screws on each side of the case interior, sliding the adjustable height slider brackets and putting the screws back. You can customize your drawer configuration in a few minutes!

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Pelican 0455DD 2" Deep Drawer For Pelican 0450 is a Pelican Classic Cases (Protector Series) brand product.

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