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Pelican 0455TT Top Tray

0453-931-112: 0455TT Top tray replacement (for Pelican 0450) $17.31

1" Shallow Drawer For Pelican 0450(Old Design)

0453-931-110: 0455DS Shallow Drawer replacement (for Pelican 0450) $13.61

Pelican 0455DD 2" Deep Drawer For Pelican 0450

0453-931-111: 0455DD Deep Drawer replacement (for Pelican 0450) $17.38

Pelican 0455DE 4" Deep Drawer

0453-934-110: 4" Deep Drawer $26.06

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Pelican 0457 Horizontal Tool Pallet, w/Straps

0454-411-000: 0457 Tool Pallet, Horizontal w/Straps $31.69
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Pelican 0450 Mobile Tool Chest w/o Drawers has been discontinued.
Use the "Help or Quote?" tab below to contact Trader Dan for a replacement product.


Order the Pelican 0450 (0450ND) without drawers to build your own custom case!

Pelican quality, indestructibility, and water tight in a mobile tool chest that is designed for rough handling and use in extreme environments. Even when turned upside down tools stay in place when the case is closed due to the unique design. The wide track design stabilizes the case when using the extending pull handle and the footpads in the bottom and lid allow for multiple cases to be stacked. Click on the pictures for detailed shots, diagrams, and schematics.


Features at a glance

Unique to the 0450:

  • Heavy duty buttress hinges
  • Graduated Deflector Ribs protect hinges and latches
  • Hybrid double throw butterfly latches
  • Auto Pressure Equalization Valves
  • Unlimited Drawer Configuration
    (well unlimited might be an overstatement :)* 0450ND comes with NO drawers
  • 0450WD comes with 6 shallow drawers, 1 deep drawer,&top tray
  • Secure stack design
  • Two way handles
  • Trolley handle&wheel system
  • Front up mobility
  • Extra-Wide wheels
  • Stable, wide track mobility
  • The new Pelican 0450 Mobile Tool Chest has two extra compartments for storage. Easy access beneath the top lid gives you an extra storage space.
  • The tool chest also includes three unsealed pockets on the left side to store smaller items.
  • Download the 0450 Mobile Tool Chest Brochure
  • Visit our 0450 Micro Site for more detailed information
  • Tools and foam shown not included.

Plus the standard Pelican brand features:


Interior dimensions: 20.56″ × 10.97″ × 12.65″ (52.2cm x 27.9cm x 32.1 cm)

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Pelican 0450 Mobile Tool Chest w/o Drawers is a Pelican Classic Cases (Protector Series) brand product.

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