For over a quarter century Underwater Kinetics, better known as UK, has been in the business of designing and manufacturing lights, containers and accessories for use in harsh or difficult environments. Our waterproof lights are the standard for scuba divers, fire fighters, utility workers and health and safety personnel. UK protective dry cases meet rigid standards set by OEMs to protect their products in challenging environments. Many lights meet standards set by testing agencies that include FM, CSA, UL and CENELEC as well as standards set by the NFPA and Military.

Each product is designed and engineered at our facility for maximum performance using high quality state-of-the-art components. At Underwater Kinetics we engineer advanced features into our products in order to provide the added performance you require. Our products are carefully manufactured in the U.S.A at our facility in California. UK lights are incredibly bright, compact, waterproof, dust proof, non-corroding and electrically non-conductive. They include features such as custom optical quality reflectors, smooth illumination, xenon filled lamps, side-by-side battery configurations, engineering grade plastics, and ergonomic shapes. Our watertight cases are made in a wide range of sizes and are available with optional latch and handle styles, custom interiors, special colors and engineering grade plastics.

Many of our new products evolve from our customer’s feedback. We welcome and seek your ideas and opinions about our products so that we can continue our mission to create and manufacture quality and useful products that are tough enough to use wherever man will venture.