Industrial mat care instructions

CoTradeCo and NOTRAX want to help you get the longest life and best possible use from your floor mats.
Proper care and cleaning helps maintain appearance and usefulness over the longest possible
time; and protects your investment and your facility.

Used in Wet Environments

Use a high-pressure hose (no greater than 1800 psi) and hot water (no greater than 160 degrees F) to remove oils from the mat. For best results, use a mild soap or detergent to clean the mat. Do not use steam, degreasers or caustic chemicals. Do not machine wash or mechanically scrub the mat.

PVC Sponge Mats

Used in Dry Environments

Sweep regularly or dry mop the surface. These mats can be damp-mopped with a mild soap or detergent.


Sweep the surface with a broom or vacuum. Runners can also be wet mopped with a mild soap.

ESD Mats

It is important to sweep or dry mop the surface regularly. Also wet mop or wipe off with mild soap or a static control cleaning solution that will not leave a residue. This will allow the mat to continue to function efficiently.

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