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Get explanations for the icons used to help identify NOTRAX floor matting options and features.

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Heavy duty outdoor use and high traffic Outdoor Use
Heavy-duty construction designed to act as a first line of defense against tracked-in dirt by scraping, soil and moisture from shoes.
Custom sizes and configurations available Custom Lengths
Mats available in customs lengths.
Logo matting ideal for flocked logo materials Logo Friendly
Matting best suited to receive flocked logo materials.
Matting suitable for kitchens and food service good for grease, drainage, and durability Food Service
Matting suitable for use in kitchens, bars and other food service areas where durability, grease resistance and drainage are a priority.
Ergonomic anti-fatigue matting comfort protects worker muscles and lower back Ergonomic/Anti-Fatigue
Matting that alleviates foot pressure, stimulates blood circulation and helps reduce stress on the lower back, leg joints and other major muscle groups.
Drainage and sorbent mat solutions for wet environments Drainage/Wet Areas
Open construction allows for moisture to pass through, providing secure footing in a wet environment.
Anti-slip matting helps prevent trips and falls Anti-Slip
Matting designed to provide added traction through aggressive surface patterns and textures.
Welding mats are designed to survive the harsh welding environment Welding
Made of durable rubber compounds, these mats can be used in areas where welding takes place.

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