Creative and unique Pelican case modifications

People are innovative, and what some have done to modify, enhance, and utilize their Pelican cases is just plain cool.

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WaterPROOF stereo in 1440 case

academyalum2006 on YouTube put together this awesome little radio in a desert tan 1400 pelican case. Watch him turn it on, close it up and throw it in the bathtub. Sounds like a great idea for you boaters out there.

Same guy this time a 1650 Pelican stereo

academyalum2006 on YouTube is busy with these waterproof stereos. With this case he used a 1650, a Clarion 2-channel marine amp, and a pair of DC Gold Audio 9.5 Reference Speakers. This system seems to kick though the cam mic couldn’t possible pick up the bass that he is getting out of that. Amazing stuff, we should contact him to see if he is going to be selling these?

Russ Roca of 1450 bike rack

Russ Roca is an eco-friendly photographer with the BikeCommuters team. Here he explains why and how he modified a Pelican 1450 to safely carry his photographic equipment with him on his bike. He used Ortlieb hardware to mount the rack, which allows for fine tune adjusting of weight distribution on adjustable rails.

G650 X-Challenge Camping Mod Teaser

We found this cool motorcycle mod at the Advenure Rider- Ride the world forums

Hoots Magoon has permanently mounted a 1450 to his ride. You can see lot’s of pictures at the forum posting

Hoots Magoon 1450 pelican case modification mounted on his motorcycle at

Check it out

Underwater Pelican case video camera

Ever wondered what it was like inside a fish tank? dholowiski on YouTube didn’t indicate which Pelican case was used or even how he did it, but the result is pretty cool. dholowiski only said, “Another hacked CVS camera, this time inside a waterproof pelican case. Total cost $27 for an underwater video camera!”

Pelican 1500 case as portable computer?

This mod comes courtesy of
from the creative mod of month 2004 with Ken Geronilla

From the interview with Creative Mod:

“I am quite proud to present this month’s Modder of The Month: Mr. Ken Geronilla. The mod that is featured in this article is just one of Ken’s many creations: The Pelican 1500, a computer in a carrying case that is reminiscent of Zapwizard’s infamous Radioactive Ammo PC. Ken has also experimented in other areas of modding by seamlessly integrating a speaker system into a chair and an Xbox into his truck.”

Ken Geronilla and his Pelican 1500 computer case mod from

But to see it in all it’s glory you really need to go to

Rise of Foam Man

Some people don’t exactly modify the case, but use it’s accessories to make other stuff . Talbott9 on YouTube made this strange little video using the foam from a Pelican case as the main character in this short animation. Strange and unique.

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