Price match guarantee

Some folks call it price match, others say take an additional 5% off, and you might have seen it referred to as lowest price guarantee. And that’s great. If you’re looking for a deal we want to help.

We will try to meet or beat any standard price you might find at another store, excluding Ebay and Amazon, on merchandise that they have in stock.

And what exactly does that mean? Well we want your business, and if somebody is selling the same stuff we are at a better price, well we figure we should honor that if we can. But we also don’t want to start a price gouging war with our competitors who are decent people trying to make a living just like us.

We’ll honor that price you found, excluding Ebay and Amazon, be it at a store, an online catalog, heck sometimes we’ll even honor a sale price that isn’t even in our best interest.

So if you are looking for a deal let us know. This is a trading post after all. There’s no big list of stipulations or caveats to our deal. Just honest trading.

You be straight with us, and we’ll be straight with you, if we can make a buck then we’ll match their deal. If we can’t please buy it from them.

The old saying that “the person with the lowest price hasn’t been born yet” really applies to the Internet. Before you buy check out the total cost to you as often the freight and handling charges are where they make their money. In the end their price is a lot higher than you think.

So hit the catalog and do some shopping.

Thanks for coming by.

Yours truly,
Trader Dan

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