Privacy Policy

Below is our privacy policy for the Coachella Valley Trading Company (CoTradeCo). If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us:

PH: (760) 519-1612
FAX: 866-525-8219

PO BOX 131132
Carlsbad, CA 92013

And Trader Dan loves email…

General privacy statement from the folks at CoTradecCo

COTRADECO WILL NOT SELL YOUR CUSTOMER OR PERSONAL INFORMATION OR MAKE SUCH INFORMATION AVAILABLE TO THIRD PARTIES OUTSIDE FOR ANY REASON. We take spam and privacy very seriously. We don’t like SPAM and assume you don’t either. We also believe in full disclosure of our business practices and methodologies, so this privacy policy might not read like a typical privacy policy, it does do it’s best to outline as specifically as possible what information is used on the site, where, and how. If you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to email or call us (760) 519-1612.

Trading post, catalog, online story privacy

Our trading post and catalog sites may send emails from time to time regarding new product offerings, but you can opt out of these as well. When placing orders with CoTradeCo, confirmation and information emails will be sent, including receipt/invoice, possible shipping tracking, and thank you emails requesting customer feedback from transactions, which are not optional as part of our routine commitment to exceptional customer service, and will only be received when conducting business with CoTradeCo.

Information we collect and how we use it

Business transaction information

Business transactions collect information such as name, mailing/billing/email/phone/other contact information, credit card and other payment information. This information is only used to conduct business with you in the most convenient and secure methods possible. Contact info is used for such things as authenticating accounts, subscription email services (meaning you never get anything you didn’t ask for and even if we accidentally did, you can always opt out).

No information entered during a business transaction will ever be shared on CoTradeCo.

Personal information

Site participation and any information publicly posted to our servers by you while participating on our site may be used on our sites in the public method it was posted as. We will always contact you if we would like to use any content or information published to our sites by you for any other purpose, such as for customer testimonials.

If you expect a piece of information to be private please do post that personal/private information on CoTradeCo.

CoTradeCo uses all information it collects to improve functionality, like search and site navigation, new product offerings, and content development.

We use Google analytics and follow all best practices as laid out in their guidelines. We use the Google Analytics tools and Webmaster tools to improve content, improve our promotional activity, and to determine what areas of our site and business we should continue to grow and expand. All information used at Google Analytics is used in anonymous and aggregate form and cannot be explicitly traced back to any one person.

CoTradeCo does not share any personal or identifiable information with third parties.

Telephone numbers provided on-line will be called only if CoTradeCo has questions specific to your trading post or order requests.

If users provide their email or mailing address, CoTradeCo will send notifications, such as order confirmations, via email. Users may also receive occasional offers from CoTradeCo or CoTradeCo’s special partners. Users may opt out at any time.

In the future, CoTradeCo may update this privacy policy to reflect unanticipated practices not outlined in this policy. These changes will be posted to the website, and users are invited to occasionally review the privacy policy. But know that we will never participate in SPAM activities or contribute to companies or resources who do. We are a small company with high values and ethics that we hope to convey with every action we take.

If you have any further questions regarding our business or any of our policies do not hesitate to email or call us (760) 516-1612. Trader Dan will always treat you right.

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