Ultra-Containment Berms, FAQs

What is the operating temperature range for the Contianment Berms?

XR5 – Max: 160°F, Min: -30°F
Urethane – Max: 160°F, Min: -45°F
Copolymer-2000: Max 160°F, Min: -25°F

What are the weights of the different materials?

XR5 – 30 oz. / sq. yard
Urethane – 32 oz. / sq. yard
Copolymer 2000 – 25 oz. / sq. yard

What if I need to use the Ultra-Containment Berm with a chemical that is not listed in the compatibility guide?

If the chemical is not listed in the guide, chances are that chemical has not been tested with the material. If we cannot get a definite answer from our engineering staff, we can send a testing kit to your customer for a 30 day immersion test.

Can custom sized Containment Berms be ordered?

Yes, we can make Containment Berms in custom sizes in virtually any length and width.

What about custom heights?

At present, the standard height for the Foam Wall Model Containment Berm is 2" but can also be made in heights up to 12". The Stake Wall Containment Berm, Ultimate Containment Berm and Collapsible Wall Containment Berm Models are available with 12" sidewalls. The Compact Model Containment Berm can be made with sidewall heights up to 18". Rapid Rise Containment Berms are available with 12" sidewalls.

What freight class do the Containment Berms ship under?

Ultra-Containment Berms ship from our factory in N. Augusta, SC 29860 at class 125.

What is included in the repair kit and how does it work?

The repair kit is simply a 11�? x 36�? piece of XR5 material and instructions on how to apply it to the Berm. The only other item required is an industrial heat gun.