TENXIONPAK, a leading innovator and supplier of packaging solutions is committed to providing customers with exceptional service, competitive prices and the most versatile and innovative products on the market.

TENXIONPAK is designed to provide efficient packaging solutions for:

EMS Operations
Service and Refurbishment Centers
Simply put, TENXIONPAK makes packaging faster, easier and more efficient.

Streamline logistics while providing your products with the packaging protection customers expect and deserve. Contact us to learn more about TENXIONPAK today!

TENXIONPAK, a leader in packaging solution innovation, has multiple product lines to satisfy virtually any packaging need.

TENXIONPAK packaging products include:

Universal Laptop Packs
Universal Small Electronics Packs
Universal Computer Drive Packs
Size-Specific Laptop Packs
Set-top Box Packs
Handheld Electronics Packs
Optical Drive Packs
Digital Camera Packs
Motherboard Packs
Modem/Router Packs
Custom Solutions

Engineered to protect multiple size and weight items within a single packaging configuration, TENXIONPAK is a logistical “dream come true” for manufacturers and service centers.

Tested and proven to satisfy the most stringent ISTA droptest requirements, TENXIONPAK provides optimal protection for electronic equipment.

TENXIONPAK ships flat, reducing warehouse space requirements and shipping costs. In most cases TENXIONPAK uses 60% less storage space than standard packaging products.

Made from standard corrugated and Polyethylene Film, TENXIONPAK is 100% recyclable and RoHS compliant.