Scary Maze Game…
Try it…then watch other people’s reactions!

About The Maze

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The Maze Game is an amazing game of skill and patience. Do not touch the walls or you will have to start the game all over. Sound effects will help find your way to the end. Try and finish all 4 levels.

Do you have the hands of a brain surgeon or do you write with crayons? Try not to cheat and use both hands. If you can finish this game, I want you to do my next operation if I need one!

Created by Jeremy at

The Maze: The game that started all the hype! If you haven’t played this game yet, you are missing out! Do not be fooled by imitators… this is the original.

But we’ve already said too much ;)

How did you do? If you’ve already played the game, it’s time to watch how other people reacted to their success….

The maze reaction tribute montage

I just die laughing no matter how many times I watch this.

It was International Talk like a Pirate Day which somehow stumbled me on to reaction videos to the Maze Game (aka Scary Maze Game). What with Halloween only a little over a month away I just had to post this for everybody.