Benchmark flame resistant utility wear

We realize that companies and individuals today want to be sure that protective garments not only provide the required protection, but are also safe to use, skin compatible have no long term health effects.

Benchmark FR is unique compared to other brands because our treatment process yields a non-toxic fabric that is also non-allergenic. Our method chemically bonds a flame retardant to the cotton’s cellulose so that it becomes an integral part of the cotton’s structure; it is not a simple “coating.” Benchmark’s process does not use ammonia to cure the retardant and our formulation does not contain any heavy metal or halogens. The end result is a superior flame resistant fiber which will not react with salvia, sweat or pose any threat to human health.

Benchmark flame resistant garments are non-allergenic and will not cause skin irritation. Tests on saliva and sweat show no evidence of harmful effects on humans. Benchmark’s fabrics qualify for the Japan Law 112 and the Oeko-Tex 100 which is a stringent standard for toxicity and formaldehyde content.

Secretions by the human body can leach or dissolve textile finishing products when in contact with the skin thus making these ingredients biologically available. Both indirect and direct contact dermatological tests (without animal experiments) have been performed by the Food and Drug Research lab, the University of California’s San Francisco Medical Center as well as SGS laboratories. The conclusion is that there is no mutenegenic behavior, no immunotoxicity, no cytotoxicity and no penetration thought the skin. In fact there is almost no difference between Benchmark FR cotton and untreated cotton with regard to contact with the human body.

Flame Resistant protective garments will come in direct contact with your skin, it is vital that a flame resistant textile not pose a threat to human health. When compared to international standards, the United States has stringent levels of performance for safety. However there are no domestic codes which address standard levels of toxicity and allergens. Benchmark has voluntary adopted the most stringent international codes and is proud that our product does not contribute negatively to the wearer’s health.

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