AquaPac 515 MP3 Case fitting guide

Trader Dan hopes your iPod or MP3 player fits in the 515 AquaPac Waterproof MP3 player case . If it not tune Trader Dan in and maybe he can help you find a waterproof case or bag for your media player. Be sure to look at all the waterproof case and bag products from AquaPac in the store. You might also be interested in all of our clear flexible cases .

iriver h10FITS
iriver h300NO FIT
iriver h110NO FIT
iriver h140NO FIT
iriver igp100NO FIT
creative zen touchNO FIT
creative zen microFITS
creative nomad jukebox zenNO FIT
rio carbonFITS
archos xs 200FITS
iAudio 5L 30GBNO FIT
ipod mini (all types)FITS
ipod shuffle (all types)FITS
ipod nano (all types)FITS
Microsoft ZuneNO FIT
ipod 1st gen 1Gb(scrollwheel)NO FIT
ipod 2nd gen 10Gb(touchwheel)NO FIT
ipod 2nd gen 20Gb(touchwheel)NO FIT
ipod 2nd gen 5Gb(touchwheel)NO FIT
ipod 3rd gen 10Gb (clickwheel)FITS
ipod 3rd gen 15Gb (clickwheel)FITS
ipod 3rd gen 20Gb (clickwheel)FITS
ipod 3rd gen 30Gb (clickwheel)FITS
ipod 3rd gen 40Gb (clickwheel)FITS
ipod 4th gen 20gb (clickwheel)FITS
ipod 4th gen 40gb (clickwheel)FITS
ipod 4th gen 40gb colour photoFITS
ipod 4th gen 60gb colour photoNO FIT
ipod 5th gen 30gb videoFITS
ipod 5th gen 60gb videoFITS
iPod 5th gen 80gb videoFITS

Go to the 515 AquaPac Waterproof MP3 player case . And if you get a chance check out our line of AquaPac waterproof solutions and clear flexible cases in the CoTradeCo store.

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