AquaPac Mobile/Cellular Phone Case Sizing Chart

Trader Dan hopes your model of mobile phone is on this list. If it’s not give Trader Dan a ring and maybe he can help you find a waterproof case or bag for your cell phone. Be sure to look at all the waterproof case and bag products from AquaPac in the store. You might also be interested in all of our clear flexible cases .

Make/ModelPhone/GPS Case
300/301/302/303Mini Classic
500/501/525/511Mini Classic
700/701Large Classic
Max/Gum/View (db)Mini Classic
Easy/ClubMedium Classic
iPhoneMini Classic Phone /Small Armband / Small PDA
191 TalkaboutMini Classic
192 TalkaboutMini Classic
205 TalkaboutMini Classic
250/270c TimeportSmall Classic
A835/A920/A925Medium Classic
C336/333Mini Classic
450Micro Classic
CD930Medium Classic
G60/ GD67Mini Classic
i1000plusLarge Classic
i2000plusMedium Classic
i700plusMedium Classic
L7082/7089/7382/7389 TimeportSmall Classic
M3682Large Classic (with flip open)
M3788Small Classic
P7382/7389 TimeportSmall Classic
P8090/8097/8160/8167/8767 TimeportLarge Classic
RAZR V3Medium Classic (Is not suitable for Flip-Phone)
SC3160Large Classic (with Flip Open)
SLVR L7Mini Classic
ST7760/7762 StarTACFlip-Phone
ST7790/7797 StarTACFlip-Phone
ST7860/7867/7868 StarTACFlip-Phone
StarTAC 3000/6500Flip-Phone
T180/250/192Small Classic
T2260/2267 TalkaboutSmall Classic
T2282Medium Classic
T2288/2290/2297 TalkaboutSmall Classic
T2988 Talkabout Small Classic
T8090/8097 TalkaboutNo fit
T8160/8167/T720 TalkaboutFlip-Phone
V120cSmall Classic
V2282/2288/2290/2297Small Classic
V2260/2267/2397Medium Classic
V270cMedium Classic
V50/60c/66/V600/V300Medium Classic (with Flip Open)
V8088/V8160Medium Classic (with Flip Open)
V8162Large Classic (with Flip Open)
X70Large Classic
DB2000Small Classic
DB4000Large Classic (with flip open)
DB500Small Classic
918Medium Classic
5510Medium Classic
6800Medium Classic
2100/5100/3210/3410/3310/3390/5210Mini Classic
2160/2170/2180/2190Medium Classic
282/7650Medium Classic (with Flip Open)
3510/7210/1100Mini Classic
3587i Mini Classic
505/540/6220/6510/3310/3200/6300/6600Mini Classic or Micro Classic
5110/5120/5125/5130/5160/6650Medium Classic
5165/5170/5180/5185/5190Small Classic
6100/6610/7250/8210/8260/8290/8310Mini Classic or Pager Case
6110/6120/6130/6150/6160/6185/6190Small Classic
6161/6162Large Classic (with Flip Open)
6210/6310/6310iSmall Classic (Older versions of the 6210 suffer a feedback problem inside an Aquapac)
6250Medium Classic
6680/Small Classic
6300/6330Mini Classic
6230/6233Mini Classic
636/638Small Classic
640/650Medium Classic
6950/2270/3520/3586/Mini Classic or Pager Case
7110/7160/7190/7650Small Classic (Large Classic, if Slider is needed)
8800/Small Classic (with slide open)
8810/8850/8860/8890/8910iSmall Classic (or Medium Classic, if Slider is needed)
9000/9110/9210Large Classic
NGageMedium Classic (closed)
rinGoMini Classic
DuramaxMedium Classic
GD35/52/55/67/90/92/93/95Mini Classic or Micro Classic
PromaxSmall Classic
X70Large Classic
630/330Medium Classic (with flip open)
AzalisSmall Classic
FisioMini Classic
GenieMini Classic
OzeoSmall Classic
SavvySmall Classic
XeniumMini Classic
3000/3040Medium Classic
3020/3042Mini Classic
912/916/920/932/936/940/950Mini Classic
929/939/959/979Mini Classic (or Large Classic if flip open)
MY-X 5Mini Classic
600/6100Large Classic (with Flip Open)
850/8500Large Classic
A100/110/200/288/300/800/500Medium Classic (with Flip Open)
D700Large Classic (with flip open)
E400/E700Large Classic (with Flip Open)
i500/X410/X400Large Classic
M100Large Classic (with Flip Open)
N100/Q100Large Classic (with Flip Open)
P400/P410/V200Large Classic (with flip open)
S300/S100/Q300/Q200Medium Classic (with flip open)
T700/T500/T400/T200/T100Small Classic or Medium Classic (with flip open)
UproarMedium Classic
V100/V200Large Classic
D800Mini Classic (or Medium Classic with Flip Open)
J530Mini Classic
M550Medium Classic (with flip open)
S230Mini Classic
GX 10/GX 20Large Classic (with flip open)
A35/A55/A50Mini Classic
A36/A40Mini Classic
C25Mini Classic or Small Classic
C30Mini Classic
C35/C55Mini Classic
CL50Small Classic
M30Small Classic
M35/M55/M50/MC60Mini Classic
S25Small Classic
S35/S55/ST55Mini Classic
S40Mini Classic
SL45/SL55Mini Classic or Micro Classic
SX1Mini Classic or Small Classic
U10Medium Classic
CMD-C1Small Classic
CMD-C1Small Classic
CMD-CD5Small Classic
CMD-CD5Small Classic
CMD-J5Small Classic or Mini Classic
CMD-J5Small Classic
CMD-X2000Small Classic
CMD-X2000Small Classic
CMD-Z1 plusMedium Classic
CMD-Z5Medium Classic (or Large Classic with Flip Open)
P800Medium Classic (or Large Classic with Flip Open)
Sony Ericsson
A1018/A1228/A2618/A2628Medium Classic
K700i /K750iMini Classic or Pager
R310/R380/R520Medium Classic
R320/R280Small Classic
R600Mini Classic
T10/T18/T20Large Classic (with flip open)
T28/Z600Medium Classic (with flip open)
T65/T100/T200/T230/T300/T310/T630Mini Classic
T68/T610Micro Classic
P900Medium Classic
W800Mini Classic
Palm 600PDA Classic case
Palm 650Medium Classic Phone or PDA Classic
AriaSmall Classic (or Large Classic with Flip Open)
AstralSmall Classic
CosmoMini Classic
GalaxySmall Classic (or Large Classic with Flip Open)
GeoSmall Classic (or Large Classic with Flip Open)
MarsMedium Classic
NeptuneMedium Classic

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