th { text-align: left; } .thisisbluish { background-color: #4c7496; }h1. AquaPac Mobile/Cellular Phone Case Sizing Chart Trader Dan hopes your model of mobile phone is on this list. If it’s not give Trader Dan a ring and maybe he can help you find a waterproof case or bag for your cell phone. Be sure to look at all the waterproof case and bag products from AquaPac in the store. You might also be interested in all of our clear flexible cases .Make/ModelPhone/GPS Case|
Alcatel |
300/301/302/303|Mini Classic||
500/501/525/511|Mini Classic||
700/701|Large Classic||
Max/Gum/View (db)|Mini Classic||
Easy/Club|Medium Classic||
Amoisonic |
Apple |
iPhone|Mini Classic Phone /Small Armband / Small PDA||
Motorola |
191 Talkabout|Mini Classic||
192 Talkabout|Mini Classic||
205 Talkabout|Mini Classic||
250/270c Timeport|Small Classic||
A835/A920/A925|Medium Classic||
C336/333|Mini Classic||
450|Micro Classic||
CD930|Medium Classic||
G60/ GD67|Mini Classic||
i1000plus|Large Classic||
i2000plus|Medium Classic||
i700plus|Medium Classic||
L7082/7089/7382/7389 Timeport|Small Classic||
M3682|Large Classic (with flip open)||
M3788|Small Classic||
P7382/7389 Timeport|Small Classic||
P8090/8097/8160/8167/8767 Timeport|Large Classic||
RAZR V3|Medium Classic (Is not suitable for Flip-Phone)||
SC3160|Large Classic (with Flip Open)||
SLVR L7|Mini Classic||
ST7760/7762 StarTAC|Flip-Phone||
ST7790/7797 StarTAC|Flip-Phone||
ST7860/7867/7868 StarTAC|Flip-Phone||
StarTAC 3000/6500|Flip-Phone||
T180/250/192|Small Classic||
T2260/2267 Talkabout|Small Classic||
T2282|Medium Classic||
T2288/2290/2297 Talkabout|Small Classic||
T2988 Talkabout|Small Classic||
T8090/8097 Talkabout|No fit||
T8160/8167/T720 Talkabout|Flip-Phone||
V120c|Small Classic||
V2282/2288/2290/2297|Small Classic||
V2260/2267/2397|Medium Classic||
V270c|Medium Classic||
V50/60c/66/V600/V300|Medium Classic (with Flip Open)||
V8088/V8160|Medium Classic (with Flip Open)||
V8162|Large Classic (with Flip Open)||
X70|Large Classic||
DB2000|Small Classic||
DB4000|Large Classic (with flip open)||
DB500|Small Classic||
Nokia |
918|Medium Classic||
5510|Medium Classic||
6800|Medium Classic||
2100/5100/3210/3410/3310/3390/5210|Mini Classic||
2160/2170/2180/2190|Medium Classic||
282/7650|Medium Classic (with Flip Open)||
3510/7210/1100|Mini Classic||
3587i|Mini Classic||
505/540/6220/6510/3310/3200/6300/6600|Mini Classic or Micro Classic||
5110/5120/5125/5130/5160/6650|Medium Classic||
5165/5170/5180/5185/5190|Small Classic||
6100/6610/7250/8210/8260/8290/8310|Mini Classic or Pager Case||
6110/6120/6130/6150/6160/6185/6190|Small Classic||
6161/6162|Large Classic (with Flip Open)||
6210/6310/6310i|Small Classic (Older versions of the 6210 suffer a feedback problem inside an Aquapac)||
6250|Medium Classic||
6680/|Small Classic||
6300/6330|Mini Classic||
6230/6233|Mini Classic||
636/638|Small Classic||
640/650|Medium Classic||
6950/2270/3520/3586/|Mini Classic or Pager Case||
7110/7160/7190/7650|Small Classic (Large Classic, if Slider is needed)||
8800/|Small Classic (with slide open)||
8810/8850/8860/8890/8910i|Small Classic (or Medium Classic, if Slider is needed)||
9000/9110/9210|Large Classic||
NGage|Medium Classic (closed)||
rinGo|Mini Classic||
Panasonic |
Duramax|Medium Classic||
GD35/52/55/67/90/92/93/95|Mini Classic or Micro Classic||
Promax|Small Classic||
X70|Large Classic||
Philips |
630/330|Medium Classic (with flip open)||
Azalis|Small Classic||
Fisio|Mini Classic||
Genie|Mini Classic||
Ozeo|Small Classic||
Savvy|Small Classic||
Xenium|Mini Classic||
Sagem |
3000/3040|Medium Classic||
3020/3042|Mini Classic||
912/916/920/932/936/940/950|Mini Classic||
929/939/959/979|Mini Classic (or Large Classic if flip open)||
MY-X 5|Mini Classic||
Samsung |
600/6100|Large Classic (with Flip Open)||
850/8500|Large Classic||
A100/110/200/288/300/800/500|Medium Classic (with Flip Open)||
D700|Large Classic (with flip open)||
E400/E700|Large Classic (with Flip Open)||
i500/X410/X400|Large Classic||
M100|Large Classic (with Flip Open)||
N100/Q100|Large Classic (with Flip Open)||
P400/P410/V200|Large Classic (with flip open)||
S300/S100/Q300/Q200|Medium Classic (with flip open)||
T700/T500/T400/T200/T100|Small Classic or Medium Classic (with flip open)||
Uproar|Medium Classic||
V100/V200|Large Classic||
Sendo |
D800|Mini Classic (or Medium Classic with Flip Open)||
J530|Mini Classic||
M550|Medium Classic (with flip open)||
S230|Mini Classic||
Sharp |
GX 10/GX 20|Large Classic (with flip open)||
Siemens |
A35/A55/A50|Mini Classic||
A36/A40|Mini Classic||
C25|Mini Classic or Small Classic||
C30|Mini Classic||
C35/C55|Mini Classic||
CL50|Small Classic||
M30|Small Classic||
M35/M55/M50/MC60|Mini Classic||
S25|Small Classic||
S35/S55/ST55|Mini Classic||
S40|Mini Classic||
SL45/SL55|Mini Classic or Micro Classic||
SX1|Mini Classic or Small Classic||
U10|Medium Classic||
Sony |
CMD-C1|Small Classic||
CMD-C1|Small Classic||
CMD-CD5|Small Classic||
CMD-CD5|Small Classic||
CMD-J5|Small Classic or Mini Classic||
CMD-J5|Small Classic||
CMD-X2000|Small Classic||
CMD-X2000|Small Classic||
CMD-Z1 plus|Medium Classic||
CMD-Z5|Medium Classic (or Large Classic with Flip Open)||
P800|Medium Classic (or Large Classic with Flip Open)||
Sony Ericsson |
A1018/A1228/A2618/A2628|Medium Classic||
K700i /K750i|Mini Classic or Pager||
R310/R380/R520|Medium Classic||
R320/R280|Small Classic||
R600|Mini Classic||
T10/T18/T20|Large Classic (with flip open)||
T28/Z600|Medium Classic (with flip open)||
T65/T100/T200/T230/T300/T310/T630|Mini Classic||
T68/T610|Micro Classic||
P900|Medium Classic||
W800|Mini Classic||
Treo |
Palm 600|PDA Classic case||
Palm 650|Medium Classic Phone or PDA Classic||
Trium |
Aria|Small Classic (or Large Classic with Flip Open)||
Astral|Small Classic||
Cosmo|Mini Classic||
Galaxy|Small Classic (or Large Classic with Flip Open)||
Geo|Small Classic (or Large Classic with Flip Open)||
Mars|Medium Classic||
Neptune|Medium Classic||
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