Pelican 0450: How to adjust the drawer height/depth/quanitity

The default configuration for the Pelican 0450 is typically (6) shallow drawers and (1) deep drawer on the bottom. Many folks prefer to have several deep drawers or to move the deep drawer to another location in their 0450 tool case.

1) Remove drawers; Locate 2 screws

There are 2 phillips head screws on each side that hold the adjustable 0450 drawer rail glide assembly in place on each side (total of 4 screws must be removed).

2) Remove the entire drawer glide assembly

The glides themselves are held in place by the drawer glide assembly. You will need to remove the drawer glide assembly from both sides.

3) Slide the glides out of the slots; replace with new configuration

The drawer glides ‘pop’ and slide out of the assembly. The glides are locked in place but do not require much pressure to remove.

The actual adjustment is simple and goes quickly.

4) Replace the assembly; Screw in place

Once you have relocated the glides to the appropriate sizing/spacing configuration for your unique application/configuration reverse the steps above and you are done.

Replace the assembly. Replace the screws. Replace the drawers and now you have your own custom Pelican 0450 tool case configuration.

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