Pelican 0450: Standard configurations & options


Includes drawer glides to fit 8 Shallow Drawers.


Includes 6 Shallow Drawers, 1 Deep Drawer, and 1 Top Tray.

Adjusting the configuration of drawers is as easy as removing 2 phillips screws on each side of the case interior, sliding the adjustable height slider brackets and putting the screws back. You can customize your drawer configuration in a few minutes!

And though we are sure you are aware by now, even though we show the Pelican 0450 tool case with loads of pictures, foams, and accessories all over the site, the case does not come by default with foam, or tools, or dancing girls. However, Trader Dan provides all the optional resources in the store, will personally (well somebody from CoTradeCo) get you custom foam, and we are even working at a deal with MacTools to fill this badboy up with tools. But by default it doesn’t come with all the fancy stuff in some of the pictures. Got it? Good!

Go BUY the Pelican 0450 today!

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