Pelican 0450: Feature overview

Ready for civilian use!

That’s right, the Pelican 0450 mobile too chest originally designed for the military is now available to the public. All the strength, durability, convenience, and features necessary for a military application in a mobile tool box organizer.

Features covered above (for the Flash-less and interactively challenged :)

  1. Heavy-duty buttress hinges
    Stainless steel hinge pins provide extra protection from impact. Raised ribs are designed to stop the lid at 180 degrees when opened to serve as a workspace.
  2. Auto pressure EQ valves
    The 0450 has 2 built-in Automatic Pressure Equalization Valves: one for the top lid and a second for the main compartment. They make opening the case easier after altitude changes by balancing the interior pressure with the ambient pressure.
  3. Two-way handles
    Extra deep handles on each end can be lifted from 2 positions: open tool chest and transport
  4. Stable, wide track mobility
    The 0450 comes with extra wide 2” polyurethane wheels for optimum load distribution over soft terrain. By locating them on the back of the chest, they offer a wide, stable track. This also leaves the front of the chest clear of wheel obstructions, creating more useable drawer space within the case.
  5. Optional drawer configurations
    The 0450 mobile tool chest is available with removable shallow and deep drawers constructed of the same indestructible material as the case.
    Also see how to adjust the drawers tutorial.
  6. Hybrid double-throw butterfly latches
    The 0450 incorporates the same robust design of Pelican’s patented Double-Throw Latch but has been upgraded with a metal butterfly compression latch.
  7. Graduated deflector ribs
    Deflector ribs protect the hinges and latches from shipping damage by diverting the energy away from the case. They are rounded off to make rolling the 0450 onto it’s back easy when it’s ready for transport.
  8. Secure Stack design
    Extra deep pockets mate with the foot blocks on the bottom of the 0450 mobile tool chest. This “Block-in-Pocket” design locks the cases together to prevent lateral movement.
  9. Trolley handle and wheel system
    Using simple fasteners, the trolley handle and wheels can be replaced in the field. This also assures easy cleaning should debris become lodged within the parts.

And though we are sure you are aware by now, even though we show the Pelican 0450 tool case with loads of pictures, foams, and accessories all over the site, the case does not come by default with foam, or tools, or dancing girls. However, Trader Dan provides all the optional resources in the store, will personally (well somebody from CoTradeCo) get you custom foam, and we are even working at a deal with MacTools to fill this badboy up with tools. But by default it doesn’t come with all the fancy stuff in some of the pictures. Got it? Good!

Go buy the Pelican 0450 today!

Customize your 0450

Drawer configuration info covered above (for the Flash-less and interactively challenged :)

The 0450 mobile tool chest comes with drawer assembly installed to fit 8 shallow drawers. The modular design allows you to adjust the number and position of glides to accomodate a multitude of drawer configurations: 2 shallow and 3 deep or 4 shallow and 2 deep, etc… (use the interactive graphic above to see the different configurations).

Go buy the Pelican 0450 today!

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