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Below is most of the supplemental content for the various OPS Boxx Tamper Proof Cleaners and Dispensers. For more information please see the product listing pages and the OPS master MSDS download page .

ALL OPS products

Cleaners, degreasers, disenfectant products

OPS Uno Ultra

OPS 101 Pot & Pan

OPS Centsable FS sanitizer

OPS Purple Degreaser / Oven Cleaner

OPS Centsable Green disenfectant

OPS Plus disenfectant cleaner

OPS 30 disenfectant cleaner

Personal cleansers and sanitizers

About ALL OPS personal cleansers and sanitizers

OPS Foamy hand/hair/body wash cleanser

OPS Instant Hand Sanitizer

OPS MRSA-LESS Skin Cleanser


OPS Turtle Dispenser

  • Coming!

OPS Armored Dispenser

  • Coming!

24 Hour Chemical Emergency Number: 800-535-5053

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Industrial cleaning

Personal cleansers


About Archer Manufacturing

Archer Manufacturing is the manufacturer of the “OPS” Brand National of Cleaning and Skin Care Products for use in our Patented Tamper Proof Soap Dispensers and Tamper Proof Dispensers for Skin Care Products. The OPS Brand Family of Products is ideal for Correctional Facilities as well as other Institutions who need Vandal Proof Dispensers. Public Buildings, Schools, etc.

Servicing the United States, Archer Manufacturing is the foremost leader in Cleaning Chemicals and Vandal Proof Soap Dispensers. With the OPS BOXX® Family of Patented and Patent Pending Security Soap Dispensers—BUDGET, SAFETY and SECURITY come together.

Inmate Proof Dispensers of all types is what we do.