UltraTech Chemical Resistance Guide
For use with UltraTech Flourinated Polyethylene SpillPallets and SpillDecks

Chemical Resistance Chart Key

A = Resistant (up to 0.5% permeation)

B = Variable resistance (up to 2% permeation)


Chemical Test Notes 70°F 130°F
Acetone - A -
Acetic Acid 60% A B
Aluminum Chloride <= 100% A A
Amyl Alcohol <= 100% B B
Boric Acid <= 100% A A
n-Butyl Alcohol <= 100% A A
Calcium Chloride Saturated solution A A
Carbon Disulfide - B -
Copper Chloride Saturated solution A A
Cutting Oils - A A
Dimethylamine - A A
Ethyl Acetate <= 100% A A
Ethyl Ether - A A
Gasoline - A A
Hydrochloric Acid <= 100% A A
Hydrofluoric Acid 60% A A
Hydrogen Peroxide 30% A A
Methyl Alcohol <= 100% A A
Methyl Ethyl Ketone <= 100% A A
Methylene Chloride <= 100% A A
Mineral Oils - A A
Naptha - A A
Nitrobenzene <= 100% A A
Perchloroethylene - A A
Petroleum Oils - A A
Potassium Cyanide Saturated solution A A
Propylene Glycol - A A
Sodium Hydroxide Saturated solution A A
Sodium Hypochlorite - A A
Sulfuric Acid 0-50% A A
Sulfuric Acid 70% A B
Sulfuric Acid 98% B B
Sulfuric Acid Fuming B B
Tetrahydrofuran - A A
Toluene - A A
Trichlorethylene A A
Turpentine A A
Water A A

This guide is for products like the Ultra IBC Spill Pallet w/o drain and the Ultra IBC Spill Pallet Plus w/o drain .

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