Ultra-SmokeStop Cigarette Receptacle Manual & Assembly Instructions

Initial Set-Up:

  1. Assemble column and base. This step is most easily performed with the unit upside down as shown in diagram 1-1.
  2. Line up holes in base and column.
  3. Secure both sides using provided hardware. Do not overtighten.
  4. Turn unit over.
  5. Using glue provided, glue mini-columns (A) in place (refer to diagram 1-2 below)
  6. If desired, add sand or small amount of water in bottom of steel bucket.
  7. Lift unit and lower on top of bucket.
  8. The Ultra-SmokeStop is now ready to use.


  • Do not allow the pail to fill to more than 1" from the top. Inspect and empty frequently.
  • Do not place anything other than cigarette and cigar butts into the unit.
  • Some smoke will flow through the top of the unit until the cigarette butts inside are no longer smoldering.

Download PDF of printed manual:


NOTE: Includes installation instructions for optional anti-theft kit.

Also see the Standard Ultra-SmokeStop manuals

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