Ultra-SmokeStop Cigarette Receptacle Manual & Assembly Instructions

General Assembly:

  1. Remove the base bottom, base top, and the top extension from the box. The base bottom and base top may appear slightly out of round. Before assembling, round the unit up by hand by squeezing on the edges.
  2. Place the metal pail in the bottom section of the base.
  3. Snap the top of the base onto the bottom of the base so the hand holds line up.
  4. Fully insert the top extension onto the short post located on top of the base. If the fit is too tight, set top extension in sunlight for five minutes to allow it to expand, then insert it.

Initial Set-Up:

  1. Place the unit in a location where smoking usually occurs.
  2. For theft prevention, secure the Ultra-SmokeStop by threading a wire or chain through one or both of the holes located on opposite sides of the bottom of the base, and around a fixed object and secure it. An optional Anti-Theft Kit (p/n 1534) is also available (see page 3).
  3. It is recommended that additional weight be added to the unit prior to use to avoid problems in windy conditions. Simply fill about 1/3 of the pail with sand or place a brick in the pail. There is no need to add additional weight if the Ultra-SmokeStop is being used with the optional Odor-Absorbing Filter since it will provide sufficient weight.
  4. NEVER use the Ultra-SmokeStop without the steel safety pail in its proper place or if the pail is filled to within 1" of its top with cigarette butts.

Emptying and Cleaning:

  1. Remove the base top (with the top extension in place) by placing one hand below the hand grip area to hold the base down, and using the other hand in the hand grip area, pull upward to remove the base top from the bottom.
  2. Remove the steel pail and empty the spent cigarette butts into a proper disposal receptacle. Use caution to make sure there are no butts still smoldering before emptying.
  3. Replace the steel pail and snap the top back onto the base bottom.
  4. If your pail has an Odor-Absorbing Filter, see the instructions below.

Installing and Changing Out Odor-Absorbing Filters:

  1. Your Odor-Absorbing Filter is filled with 2 ½ pounds of baking soda to help remove the odors associated with cigarette butts and ashes. Determining when to replace a Filter will depend on the usage of the Ultra-SmokeStop. When the odor is more noticeable than before, it may be time to change the Filter. If you change the Filter whenever you empty a full pail you will keep the odor level lower.
  2. To remove a Filter, simply hold the pail over a disposal receptacle and tilt to empty the cigarette butts. Use caution to make sure there are no butts still smoldering before emptying. With the butts removed, squeeze the pail handle inwardly to disengage it from the pail. Grab the Filter at the top edge and pull it off the pail and properly dispose of it. A new Filter can now be installed.
  3. To install a new Filter, remove the pail handle by squeezing it inwardly off the pail. Set the handle aside. Take a new odor-Absorbing Filter and place it into the INSIDE of the pail so the top edge that holds the built-in elastic strap can be snapped over the top edge of the pail to hold the Filter in place. The Filter will sit several inches above the bottom of the inside of the pail. Replace the handle on the pail and place the pail back into the base of the Ultra-SmokeStop.


  • The Ultra-SmokeStop must be securely closed at all times for safety reasons.
  • Do not allow the pail to fill to more than 1" from the top. Inspect frequently.
  • Do not place anything other than cigarette and cigar butts (e.g. paper and trash) into the unit.


  • Some smoke will flow through the top of the unit until the cigarette butts inside are no longer smoldering.

For Nantucket Model Only:

Remove all components from the box. This product will include a decorative plastic sheet
that will form a cone to produce the lighthouse portion of the SmokeStop. To form the “lighthouse cone”, remove the backing from the double-sided tape on the decorative sheet and WRAP THE SHEET AROUND THE NECK OF THE TOP EXTENSION. Be sure to line up the artwork along the edges of the plastic sheet to form a perfect lighthouse. Do not attempt to form the lighthouse cone without the top extension in place. Follow the general assembly instructions but make sure that the lighthouse cone is in place when assembling the top extension to the short post on top of the base.

For Key West Model Only:

Assemble unit as instructed under “General Assembly”. Insert palm section through the pre-drilled hole in the top of the SmokeStop top extension. Secure the palm section to the assembled SmokeStop by inserting the metal pin into the pre-formed hole in the palm section. The unit is now ready for use.

For Golf Ball Model Only:

Assemble unit as instructed under “General Assembly”. Insert Golf Ball screw through top of SmokeStop and attach with provided washer and plastic wing nut. Tighten until one or two threads are visible.


Download PDF of printed manual:


NOTE: Includes installation instructions for optional anti-theft kit.

Also see the Roman Column Ultra-SmokeStop manual

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