Benchmark fire resistant utility wear
Custom options

Custom sizes/Alterations

Alterations/Custom sizes

We can change garments to fit specific body types by either altering an existing garment or if necessary, make a custom designed and fitted garment. Examples of altering existing garments may include adjusting arm lengths, hem lengths or adding additional pockets. Examples of custom garments would include outfitting people who are larger of smaller than our current offering, or maternity versions.

Reflective striping

We can add or remove reflective striping on coveralls and shirts as desired. Call us and explain what you need, and we will produce a prototype to ensure you are pleased with the end product, prior to production.


A common request we receive is for sleeve pockets on both coveralls and shirts. We can add sleeve pockets to accommodate all manner of items from pens to gas detectors. Contact us with your requirements and we will produce a prototype.


Since Benchmark is a vertical manufacturer we can make custom fabric colors. The process involves having an accurate color standard, garment style and the sizes you will desire. From there we perform lab dips and determine the minimum amount of color specific fabric/garments we can produce. Minimum quantities for custom color vary greatly according to garment type and size breakdown. All custom colors require a 40% deposit before production is started. Please call for more information.


As a policy, Benchmark will not change or make additions to a garment is such a way that it will make the garment unsafe. This includes large embroideries or patches, flammable reflective tapes or altering a garments in any way that permanently exposes the arms or legs. All alterations, other than hemming, should be performed by Benchmark to ensure code compliance and safety.


For custom orders or alterations Benchmark requires that we make a pre-production prototype. The prototype will be made to your exact specifications. The purpose of the prototype is to ensure we are accurately interpreting your design and that you are satisfied with your design criteria. The prototype also allows us to have a more accurate understanding of material usage, production skill and the time necessary. By understanding this we will be able to give you a more accurate price quote for the production. Please note the prototype development will cost 2x the price of an unaltered garment.

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