Pelican 8060 Competitive Comparison Matrix

Need help deciding what light to buy? When you are considering a heavy duty rechargeable flashlight there is a lot to consider. Below is a feature to feature comparison of the Pelican 8060 LED, Streamlight SL-20XP, Streamlight Ultrastinger, Maglite Magcharger, and the Tigelight Series II non-lethal defense system.

Features Pelican Streamlight Streamlight Maglite Tigerlight
Catalog No. 8060 LED SL-20XP LED UltraStinger MagCharger Non-Lethal Defense System (Series II)
Light Source CREE LED Halogen bulb, 3 backup LEDs Xenon Halogen Bulb Halogen Bulb Halogen Bulb
Run-time 6 hours 1.5 hours 1 hour 2 hours 0.7 hours
Battery Charging Time 4.5 hours 10 hours 10 hours; 2.5 hours w/fast charger 16 hours 10 hours; 1.5 hours w/rapid charger
Works with regular “C” batteries YES NO NO NO NO
Weight (w/batteries) 23.2oz 17.6oz 16.1oz 32oz 23oz
Length 12.67" 13.2" 11.75" 12.6" 11"
Lumen Value 190 lumens 150 lumens 295 lumens 218 lumens 375 lumens
Guarantee PELICAN LIFETIME Limited Lifetime Limited Lifetime Limited Lifetime 1 year to limited lifetime
Light Modes ON/OFF, Momentary ON/OFF, Momentary ON/OFF, Momentary ON/OFF, Momentary ON/OFF
Serrated Lens Top YES NO NO NO NO
Faceted Profile YES NO NO NO NO
Flashlight Body Type Engineering grade polymer Polymer Machined aluminum Machined aluminum Machined aluminum
Battery Type 4 “C” size NI-MH rechargeable or standard battery 5 SUB-C NI-CD rechargeable battery 6v NI-CD 5 cell SUB-C rechargeable battery 5-cell (1/2 D) NI-CD rechargeable battery 6 cell NIMH rechargeable battery
MSRP $259
$146 at CoTradeCo
$161 $188 $156 $219

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