OEM custom case solutions

Install, secure, transport, and store your OEM equipment, components, instruments, and gear in protective storage and transport case from the giants in the industry Pelican, UK Underwater Kinetics, and Jan-Al Cases.

Whether your needs are ideal protection for senistive instrumentation, emergency kits, test equipment, instruments and audio gear, guns or other delicate items; Your gear, your brand deserve only the best protection.

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Your equipment will be protected in our all environments with cases specially suited to the type of gear you are transporting/protecting and the situations it will be used. All our case solutions offer unbelievable durability and longevity, and some case solution are impervious to water, dust or debris. Drop it, dunk it, splash it, scrape it, bang it, count on it!

Types of Cases

There are many case styles and options. Below are some of the case styles that CoTradeCo can help you customize, and in most cases are also available in stock configuration in our store catalog.

When choosing a case style you need to think about what level of protection you are looking for? How strong and durable? What will it weigh? Flame resistant? Waterproof? Static-free?

Our custom services section, including this custom case page is a work in progress and we will be getting more pictures and information as quick as we can. But if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact Trader Dan 866-530-4804 to learn more.

Blow Molded

Blow molded cases are lightweight and durable. They are scratch resistant and cost effective. Typically come in black but custom colors, with minimum quantities, are always available.

Injection Molded

Injection molded cases are extremely lightweight, have a professional look about them, but are incredibly affordable and economical.

Roto Molded

Roto molding cases offers a number of unique advantages including inherent design strengths and reduced fabrication costs since the pieces are typically molded as a single piece and then assembled. Reinforced ribbing possibilities, virtually stress free strong outside corners, and consistent wall thickness are just a few of the advantages. As well roto molded case materials can be ammended with additives to make them weather resistant, flame retardant, or static free.

ATA style road cases

ATA style road cases are most commonly seen in the live event and music industries for safe reliable transport of all types of gear. Nearly all ATA style road cases are custom made, but are affordable solutions when you need to transport gear frequently and reliably. See our Jan-al case brand page for more info.

Custom foam; inserts and cutting

Nearly all cases from UK Underwater Kinetics and Pelican are available with pluck foam for easy custom shaping of the case interior yourself. Layers of foam are pre-scored in tiny cubes. Simply measure your equipment over the grid and pluck away. Pelican also offers custom fit padded dividers sets for another custom fitting options that you can alter on the fly as your needs change.

However, the business environment is a fast paced busy world, and do you really want to spend the time plucking pulling and measuring dividers for every case your company uses? We didn’t think so. That’s why CoTradeCo offers a wide variety of custom foam solutions.

Custom foam protects your delicate and expensive equipment can be designed to fit into any of our rugged and waterproof cases. Foam that fits your case and the items you are shipping, transporting, and protecting exactly! Minimum order required in some cases (pun intended).

For the perfectionists who want the true custom fit, foam inserts can be cut according to your equipment (B). Just send us a sample of your product and we’ll configure the case size and the foam per your requirements. Better yet, provide us your CAD files and we’ll take it from there. We offer a wide range of materials depending on your needs.

For extremely sensitive equipment like microchips and circuit boards, materials with antistatic properties and foam that protects against electrostatic discharge are available. Where purity or out-gassing is an issue, crosslinked foam expanded with nitrogen © is chemical resistant and perfect for medical equipment and some electronics applications.

CoTradeCo has been doing custom foam longer than we have been in business. One of our key relationships is with Victory Foam in Southern California. This long-time relationship gives us the ability to offer truly custom solutions at not-so custom pricing.

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Also browse our full lines of Pelican and UK Underwater Kinetics cases.

Panel mounting

All Pelican and UK Underwater Kinetics cases are available with optional panel rings and panel frames for an exact fit for your instrumentation, electronics, remote control boxes, and more. The panel rings can be installed at the factory or can be purchased as kits to fit each case.

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Custom imprinting and nameplates; Branding and labeling

All cases can be custom printing, imprinted, and otherwise labeled.

Supply the designs or our in-house design staff can help you get it perfect.

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Also browse our full lines of Pelican and UK Underwater Kinetics cases.

Custom colors

Need a special color? Let us know. We know how important the right color can be to safety (color coding) as well as to your brand.

Let us know what colors you might need and in what quantities. We’ll discuss it with you and put together a quote.

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Also browse our full lines of Pelican and UK Underwater Kinetics cases.

Go green on the supply chain

Corporate America is going green and it’s already having a positive effect on environmentally sustainable business practices. Those efforts are being passed along to the general consumer with the development of technologies such as hydrogen fuel vehicles, the increased interest in large-scale recycling, and the mainstream growth of “green” buildings.

Now Corporate America’s green ways are reaching all the way into the supply chain.

CoTradeCo, known for carrying indestructible protectove cases from Pelican Cases and UK Underwater Kinetics, is seeking to make the traditional Supply Chain process greener by changing the way electronics and sensitive equipment is shipped. We are doing this by providing companies with Repeat Use Packaging – a more effective shipping solution which has less impact on the environment while saving money and better protecting merchandise.

Product shipping materials contribute a significant portion of packaging waste globally each year. In the United States alone, corrugated fiberboard – the most prevalent packaging material – makes up more than 24 million tons of waste. According to a study done by the University of Nevada, much of the $15 billion worth of fiberboard sold in the U.S. is used in shipping, which has become a multi-billion dollar industry. For some companies, the internal shipping process alone – returning items to stock and shipping returned products – can amount to a million-dollar process with far-reaching impacts.

A recent study showed that a mere five pounds of waste was generated by 250 shipments inside a repeat use protective transport case (approximately two cubic feet). This was in stark contrast to the 375 pounds of waste generated by the equivalent amount of cardboard boxes necessary for the same number of shipments.

This is especially important with the constant growth of the technology industry, as items like computer equipment are packaged in materials that typically cannot be reused, separated, or recycled. Multiple-material packaging impedes recycling and some materials, such as polystyrene, are generally made without recycled content and may be non-recyclable. As a result, disposal of this packaging is costly and further taxes the landfill system.

In 2006, Pelican Products was able to develop shipping solutions for leading Fortune 500 technology manufacturers which suffered from many of their returns sustaining damages in-transit, resulting in increased repair costs and down time. Pelican provided them with customized repeat use packaging solutions that better protected product and was reusable for a nearly endless amount of trips, eliminating the cost associated with replacing expensive short-term shipping materials.

The benefits of a more permanent shipping solution were immediate. Environmental impacts were reduced; cost savings were realized in a short period of time and continue to grow over the life of usage; and significantly fewer damaged goods has meant superior product presentation to the customer and reduced repair costs.

Superior packaging technology means that it withstands countless shipments and products are less likely to be damaged in the shipping process. Additionally, reusable containers result in the cost-per-trip quickly becoming less expensive than expendable packaging. High disposal fees incurred by expendable packaging are virtually eliminated. Companies not only save money by not having to replace expendable packaging, but also reduce non-value added labor costs, as there is no longer a need to set up and break down packaging.

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Lot’s of custom OEM options…how can we help?

As you can see there are lot of options available. How can we help you not only protect your equipment, resources, and products, but your brand and your business.

Let Trader Dan and CoTradeCo help you find the perfect custom OEM solution for your business. 866-530-4804.

Also browse our full lines of Pelican and UK Underwater Kinetics cases.

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