Underwater Kinetics (UK) announces a much brighter verison of Mini Q40 eLED® flashlight at DEMA 2005

UK announced the release of its new Mini Q40 eLED® PLUS at the DEMA show in Las Vegas. It will replace the older Mini Q40 eLED®. The 4AA cell dive light incorporates the same basic circuitry and twin element projection optics system released earlier this year in the UK4AA Zoom eLED light. As an underwater light the Mini Q40 eLED® PLUS is optimized for a narrow penetrating beam and highest power relative to the UK4AA Zoom light. It is emits 2.5 times as many lumens and has a center beam brightness over 4.5 times brighter than the earlier model dive light. The increased brightness comes as a result of using the latest high efficiency white LED emitter and an increase in power. Burntime is decreased due to the greater power draw.

The high intensity Mini Q40 eLED® Plus is lightweight enough to attach to ones mask strap for hands free illumination of gauges and marine life. The LED emitter gives light as white as daylight which travels farther underwater than convention incandescent light and will not burn out with normal use. This makes for a good safety back-up as well as a close-up dive light. Underwater photographers will find the light especially useful as a spotting and focusing light. Several photo arm and camera manufacturers make a holder for the Mini Q40 which attaches to a camera system.

Other features include circuitry which maintains constant light output for over 80% of the battery life. The bezel is overmolded with rubber for protection and glare reduction. The O-ring sealed case is made from high impact ABS and polycarbonate to eliminate saltwater corrosion and provide durability. Shipments will begin in late October 2005.

The Mini Q40 eLED® Plus flashlight is covered by this bulletin

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