We know you probably already have the requisite first aid kit for your business or facility. Restock the items you need such as bandages, non adherent pads, gauze, topical antiseptics and ointments, single use foil pack treatments, sprays, blood stoppers, tablets, burn care, and more.

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  • 3M Tape Hospital Pack
    3M Tape Hospital Pack
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    Clear transpore and Micropore paper adhesive tape in the 3M hospital pack. Several sizes.

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  • Back Relief
    Back Relief
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    Specially designed pain reliever for targeting back pain and fatigue, muscle aches, and arthritis.

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  • 2 oz Travel Size of Hydrogen Peroxide Pump-Action Spray Bottle

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  • Zonas and wet proof porous tape from Johnson and Johnson is easy to unroll and helps protect with great breathability.

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  • Elastic, Plain, and silk adhesive first aid tapes in a variety of styles and sizes from Swift First Aid, properly secures non-adhesive bandages and first aid dressings.

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  • No Jet Lag Tablets
    No Jet Lag Tablets

    Pills to prevent jet lag from Lewis & Clark. Homeopathic remedy with all natural ingredients for travel fatigue. Feel better upon arrival from long flights.

  • Waterproof First Aid Locker for more serious emergencies


Displaying 1 - 8 of 8 products in First aid supplies / refills and all subcategories

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