Our products include an assortment of Industrial Hand Cleaners, Antibacterial Hand Lotions and Industrial Strength Sunscreens.

Repelling UVB rays isn’t difficult, most Sunscreens do it using their SPF factor as a gauge and they do a good job. However, this is only for UVB rays. UVA rays are a very different story. There are only three major FDA approved ingredients that protect against UVA rays; Avobenzone “Parasol 1789”, Titanium Dioxide, and Zinc Oxide.

These ingredients are known as UVA filters, which are found in two forms, Chemical and Physical. Avobenzone is an active chemical ingredient that has to allow for the UVA rays to enter the skin cells and react with it to provide protection. An Avobenzone sunscreen requires a stabilizer such as Octocrylene or Helioplex to even work. In addition, you have to wait 20 minutes before going into the sun in order to let the chemical sunscreen absorb into your skin.

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