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Original 1 pint Play & Freeze Ice Cream Maker Ball.

Here’s the scoop!

With the unique Play & Freeze Ice Cream Maker, you can make ice cream anywhere! You don’t need electricity, just add ice and rock salt in one end and ice cream mix in the other end – then have a ball as you shake it, pass it or roll it! The ice cream mix can be as simple as cream, sugar and vanilla. Try flavors from our recipe list included or make up your own. Made of durable materials, it’s lightweight, portable and easy to clean. It’s ideal for Camping, Boating, Picnics, Parties, Travel…anywhere!

Check out the recipes, talk about easy!

Ice cream making adventure

Important tips on using the UCO Play & Freeze Ice Cream Maker

Important tips for using your Play & Freeze Ice Cream Maker:

Seal of Approval

The Play & Freeze Ice Cream Maker received the Seal of Approval from The National Parenting Center in November, 2007. After undergoing careful review and testing by parents, educators, and panelists, it was awarded high marks for fun and design. The full review is available here .

Warranty notes

Caution: DO NOT KICK OR THROW! This could result in damage and is not covered under warranty. We suggest parental supervision when children are using the Play & Freeze.

Warranty: One year from date of purchase, to the original purchaser, against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship. Specifically excluded is damage resulting from kicking or dropping.


  • Directions and recipes are inside the Ball.
  • Use cream instead of half and half for richer tasting ice cream.
  • Leave about an inch of space for expansion when you fill up the can with the ice cream mix.
  • After 10 minutes (15 for Mega ball) of mixing (shaking, rolling, and passing), it is important to stir the ice cream mix (it freezes more around the can). Also, drain the water and refill with ice and additional rock salt. Have fun for another 10 to 15 minutes and you’re done.
  • Use the provided plastic wrench to open the ball, but not to close it.


Pint-sized specs:

  • Weight When Empty: 2 pounds
  • Weight When Full: 7 pounds
  • Ice Cream Capacity: 1 Pint/16 fl. oz.
  • Approximate Prep Time: 20 minutes

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UCO Play & Freeze Ice Cream Maker Ball Original (1 pint) is a Summit/Adventure 16 and UCO (Industrial Revolution) brand product.

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