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The UVPE offers the same flavor-saving and quality of an HDPE bottle as well as being treated with a UV inhibitor so it won’t degrade in the sun!

BPA free! BPA, or bispehenol A, has been suspected of being dangerous to humans since the 1930’s and came to the public consciousness again in 2008 when various governments around the world openly questioned the safety of BPA causing some retailers to pull products, especially in baby bottles, from their stores.

These 32 oz (1 liter) Nalgene bottles have the retro Nalgene mountain lion logo.

What is UVPE?

UVPE is a version of HDPE (High-density polyethylene) designed to withstand UV radiation from sunlight, which can cause plastic to deteriorate over time.

Because of the UV protection this bottle is great for those folks who are in the sun a lot playing or working. Stay hydrated with Nalgene quality, and don’t worry about your bottle breaking down and falling apart. Just remember to wear sunscreen yourself!

Made with UVPE/HDPE

For over 30 years, Nalge Nune International, and their Nalgene brand of outdoor products have provided the finest, most durable containers to outdoor adventurers. All Nalgene closures are guaranteed “leak-proof”, respected worldwide, and proven to perform from school, office, wilderness, and even the summit of Mount Everest.

About the retro Nalgene logo:

For thousands of years the mountain lion roamed the hills surrounding the finger lakes of Western New York. The Seneca’s called these great animals Denisesquah. For many years this proud lion graced the Nalgene bottles that shared many of their traits. Pushed almost to extinction the Denisequah is back on Nalgene bottles again.

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Product info request for UVPE colored bottles (32 oz / 1 liter)

UVPE colored bottles (32 oz / 1 liter) is a Nalgene Outdoor brand product.

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