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HSL 100 Passive Welding Helmet "Hellraiser Design"

16635 (3004629): HellRaiser 4.5 × 5.25 (2/Cs) $122.99
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The Jackson Shadow HSL 100 welding helmet is one of the best selling helmets anywhere, making it a welder’s choice. W10 SERIES Passive Welding Helmets are perfectly suited and priced for the cost conscious welder. They offer a clear, unobstructed view of the weld puddle and come equipped with a shade 10 polycarbonate filter. The Shadow helmet features a narrow shell design, that is ideal for students, hobbyist and inspectors making work in tight spaces easier and safer. The HSL100 also has an extended long throat front increasing safety and protection against sparks, slag, and fumes.

Withstanding 350 degrees F of radiant heat, the Shadow helmets offer over 50% improvement on most other thermoplastic shell welding helmet designs. All standard Shadow HSL100 are installed at the factory complete with inner safety back cover plate and shade 10 polycarbonate filter plate.

The HSL-100 meets ANSI Z87.1+ and CSA Z94.3 standards.

The HSL100 also features a large viewing area and fits the BOSS EQC autodarkening filter

Parts Breakdown:

(See exploded image for reference)

Referenced in exploded image
A. 3004736 [0745-0045] 251 Light seal gasket
B. 3002760 [0752-0161] 97-PC safety plate
C. 3000650 40059 1127 Filter lens, shade 10
D. 3002648 [0745-0031] 853 Retainer spring
Other parts not shown
3002669 [0745-0073] 270-S Headgear
3002634 [0745-0001] 187-S Mounting blade kit
3002647 [0745-0029] 98-3 Large window mag



  • 16642 (3004736) Replacement Gasket
  • 16078 (3002760) 235-6 Cover Lens (Polycarbonate) / Replacement Safety Plate, 4.5 X 5.25
  • 20696 (3014866) 370 Replacement Headgear
  • 24550 (3024209) Parts Kit


  • 4.5Ă—5.25 Viewing Area
  • Weighs only 13.8 ounces
  • Standard shade 10 filter plate and cover plates installed at factory
  • Meets ANSI Z87.1 standards

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HSL 100 Passive Welding Helmet is a K-C Professional and Jackson Safety brand product.

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